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  1. Thanks for the advice Richbuff. Things happened and I got away from the Forum. Now I'm really not that up to date on things. My computer seemed to slowing down so I did an MBAM scan and that started all the PUPs stuff. I guess this is the way we learn. Again thanks and good to hear from you again.
  2. Thanks. I am trying malwarebytes trial with real-time protection to see how it works. Will probably stick with the free version though. And thanks for the links. The tip about not checking for removal, but the trick to check them all is a great help. I think I had about 140 detections yesterday and checked them all manually. There were some that I probably would have kept if I was paying attention.
  3. Yes, I have this setting checked. I've cleaned out PUP with Malwarebytes, AWD cleaner, JRT and Hitman Pro (trial) per google search. I'll keep checking to see if it returns. Thanks for quick reply.
  4. A scan with MBAM showed many instances of PUP malware. Is KIS 2014 supposed to detect this? Is there a setting I can use to make PUPs detectable by KIS?
  5. Also, in addition to Dmitriy E questions above, Can't you just delete the shortcut. It won't change anything else. edit: also,
  6. Also, in addition to Dmitriy E and Kurt S. questions, Do you have a password manager such as roboform or similar? If so sometimes it appears initially as the other person's info. With a password manager you can put in the information for both parties and you just need to be sure you are using the right person to log into the site. This doesn't sound like a Kaspersky problem. edit: Also,
  7. If you're using Firefox you may be able to put a printer icon on the toolbar (Options>Toolbar Layout>drag printer icon onto toolbar when Safe Money is enabled). Don't know about other browsers. (But for now, safe money is incompatible with FF 16.0.1)
  8. My statement about FF was just informational. I did not imply that Kaspersky was "blaming" FF for the add-on problem. Anyway FF has released a new version to correct it's security flaw. And I'm afraid to say this, but Kaspersky add-ons are again disabled. Along with the FF update was a note that this will be corrected.
  9. FYI: See this re: firefox 16: http://blog.mozilla.org/security/2012/10/1...-in-firefox-16/. Basically firefox 16 was released with a serious security flaw. We are advised to downgrade to FF 15.0.1 or wait till FF comes up with a fix. This will make the discussion of add-ons moot for awhile. All Kaspersky add-ons worked when I downgraded.
  10. I was having a problem with trusteer and safe money in KIS 2013 in firefox. Both seem to be working well in firefox now. Both did work well together in IE9 before. So I guess that there has been a fix. As to printing with safe money you can get a printer icon onto the toolbar by going to Options>Toolbar Layout (in firefox) and dragging the printer icon onto the toolbar. Using the icon you can print anyway you want.
  11. Just a suggestion to the programers. Add "Safe Money" to the context menu so that when you go onto a site you want to protect you can add it just be clicking on the context menu. This would be easier and quicker than adding it as is done presently. You could also do this by adding an icon to the browser toolbar so that you can just click on that to add it. (similar to Trusteer). This would be especially helpful if you un-install KIS and don't save your settings.
  12. Had same problem. Solved it by putting printer icon onto toolbar. In firefox go to options > toolbar layout. You can then drag the printer icon onto the toolbar. The icon seems to show in all safe money windows on different sites from then on. Have not tried a restart so don't know if it will remain on reboot. Just rebooted and icon still there. Also, Safe Money and Trusteer seem to conflict only on Firefox. Seem to work together okay on IE9
  13. Safe Money Mine freezes and sites won't open with firefox 15.0.1/Windows 7 64bit. It has also caused firefox to crash. Safe Money does work with IE9. Did work at one time on FF, but started having problem about 9/29 KIS
  14. Forgetting about Kaspersky for a minute, you can change your hard drive and clone it to the new one. Thus, if you're using the same OS all your programs and files will be transferred to the new hard drive. Any tech can do this and it's probably not that expensive. There will be nothing for you to do once the process is completed.
  15. Yes, some programs such as MBAM may work with KIS. The danger is putting on too many additional programs. They begin to conflict with each other and sooner or later Windows will crash. As to there not being one perfect program, that is obviously correct. But, the dangers of the internet change by the minute so you can have a number of security programs installed, but as a group they aren't perfect. KIS seems to do quite well in keeping up with the dangers. I've used KIS alone for many years now and have never had a problem with detection of bad stuff. Yes, Tabvla, you will get many opinions on this subject, but one other thing to consider is a backup program that you can get into before Windows starts up. In this way, if you should have a virus problem, you can revert your computer to a time before the problem began. I, personally. have had no luck with Windows Backup or System Restore and prefer a third party program. Just something to consider
  16. None of these are needed with KIS 2012. Windows Defender is definitely non-compatible and needs to be disabled in Windows before installing KIS. You can just google instructions for this. The others may work if they are used only for scanning, but in real-time mode they are not compatible. Again, these are older programs that are really not needed with KIS. The don't help and can only cause problems.
  17. You have an outdated version of FireFox. The official version is currently firefox 5 and firefox 6 will be released soon. You're problem may lie there. I would suggest updating firefox to version 5.
  18. If laptop is being run on battery it is often set, as default, to shut down after a certain amount of time. You might check power management. In any event, for a scan I would connect to a power supply (not battery).
  19. If you're talking about TBird not filtering out Junk mail you can disable the KIS plug-in and the Thunderbird Junk Mail system will work as before. To do this, open TBird and go to Tools>addons. Click on the KIS Anti-Spam extension and click on disable. Restart TBird. The "K" icon will no longer appear in the lower left and the TBird Junk mail system will work.
  20. I had the same problem. I fixed it by opening TBird and going to Tools>Add-ons. Then click on the KIS Anti-Spam extension and click on "disable". Restart TBird and it should return to using the TBird Junk mail system as before. Occaisionally you'll get a window about a folder not being there if an address formerly marked as spam by the KIS system appears. Just click OK and the mail will go to the folder you designate for junk. Also, when you do the above the "K" icon will no longer appear in the lower right of TBird.
  21. Did the new machine come with McAfee installed and if so, did you uninstall it properly (see sticky #6)?
  22. Digital River services many companies in addition to Kaspersky. It's a legitimate third party that processes such transactions as software downloads, renewals and payments.
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