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  1. okay, thanks Don, I'll go ahead, uninstall KIS using the kis uninstaller and do a clean reinstall
  2. I understand most of the problems I'm experiencing with KIS2009 may be related to not having uninstalled version 7: constant interruptions during browsing, KIS at 99% cpu occuring every few minutes... I'd like the process to go extremely smoothly! To begin I feel I should place a key into my personal cabinet, but I don't know where to find the key, and strangely enough the only version listed in my personal cabinet is for version 7 even though I'm registed for 2009. Please give a step by step to make the uninstalltion/reinstallation as painless and quick as possible. Thank you!
  3. thank you for the reply. I followed the usual upgrade path, then updated to the newest release recently. I did not uninstall (451?) fist when updating to 506. Also, web browsing has actually become painfully slow with waits up to 5 mins or more for pages to load or even navigated away from. The entire computer becomes unresponsive. I'd also like to mention that a quick look at process shows avp frequently at 99% cpu usage. thank you
  4. Happens almost daily... usually when I install a program. Kaspersky pops up an error window, I believe it says Application Filter can not be started. FIX I click fix and application repair starts up. When it's finally finished I'm forced to restart the computer, then to download an update because now the database is corrupted. All in all it wastes 10-15 minutes each time it happens. Is there any way to avoid this? Thanks
  5. Thanks. I don't have a personal cabinet though. In fact I didn't know about the personal cabinet when I installed KIS. I thought I registered online, but maybe I didn't. For some reason I can't start one, the system doesn't recognize me and the information was on the hd that got replaced. I guess I'll try to read the outlook express file on the old hd, maybe I can't find the activation email. I'll post a log in a bit, much thanks.
  6. Okay, two issues here... Most important - my HD crashed right after I installed on two computers. KIS is still running on the laptop (which didn't crash) but I'm having to run a trial on the desktop (new hd) and I no longer have access to the email with my activation number. Support simply *will not reply* to my request. I PAID for this product, what's with the support issue????? Rant aside, who do I ask for help with this aside from the attorney general? :dash1: 2nd, KIS has virtually crippled my desktop (XP Pro). KIS (trial until I can get relicensed) constantly uses all available cpu cycles when I start almost anything, forcing me to wait for several minutes until I can use the computer again. This is my 2nd renewal of Kaspersky and I'm about ready to dump it for NOD32 which never gave me any trouble, except for the fact that I paid for KIS and I want it to work. :icon20: thanks, and sorry for ranting but I'm feeling *very* frustrated as my trial is almost up and support has not answered yet (3 weeks waiting for answer).
  7. I have the same problem as another user below, my activation code and emails were lost while I was trying to repair my hard drive. I learned the hard way to keep Kaspersky updated!!! I've installed a new hard drive because after 8 hours of tech support even Microsoft support could not get Windows XP working again, and although I can eventually scan my old hard disk (after slaving it) I do have v7 running on my laptop with the 2nd key. Can I retrieve my key from the laptop? The only key I could find there is the trial key, can you tell me how to retrieve my activated key from the laptop? I tried to get into my personal cabinet, but I had never registered for a cabinet or even knew about it. The system does not recognize the email I received my customer ID with. I can supply the license information from my laptop and email that I registered v7 with. I have 347 days remaining on my license and I want to use it! thanks!
  8. Please ensure you have SAME products with same version numbers installed on both machines . on both (from the same installer) - just upgraded from v6.0 (or was it v7... I forget) I'll keep trying different things, just a bit limited on time until Thursday Thanks for the reply
  9. I also have this problem. I have a laptop and a pc. The firewall on the PC has no problems but on the laptop i can not change the network to local, the option is grayed out. Both the PC and the laptop have 2 nics. The laptop has a wireless and an onboard nic. The wireless works fine but the onboard nic is experiencing the problem. The laptop is an older Dell Latitude C840. It's the same issue as the above person, when the Kaspersky firewall is turned off it works fine, and it seems the problem is related to not having the option to make it a local network. Any advice for me?
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