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  1. I have Flash Player 10 installed on the system but despite of having the latest version KAV( shows it as avulnerable file.Is Flash 10 not compatible with this KAV Version.Below is the Sceenshot.
  2. I m using XP SP2 but i m not not able to uninstall programs using the ADD\REMOVE Programs in the Control Panel.I can see the lists of the programs in the ADD\REMOVE Programs Utility but when i click in them the REMOVE Option does not appear.Pls Help me.
  3. That's true but backing up Updates will mean that i don't have download again the updates released until then which is atleast 15-16MB and takes about 15-20 minutes via my broadband connection. If u can suggest me any measure please do so. :supercool:
  4. Can i back Up Updates of KAV as a precautionary method for corruption or data failures so that if i have Format my disk and when Re-install KAV i dont need Re-update the Database and Program Modules.
  5. Uninstall the drive. Shutdown PC Disconnect drive Start system without drive Shutdown Now boot with the drive connected.
  6. The popup says "Keylogger Detected" as is always with Games and just keeps coming up no matter how many times i click on the "allow" or "Add to exclusion list" and just wants to disappear until i have to terminate the application. :supercool:
  7. You better upgrade.KAV( includes some critical fixes and has prevented frequent restart problems after updating the modules which the previous version included. :supercool:
  8. Is Zone Alarm Compatible with the latest Kaspersky version. :supercool:
  9. Whenever i wish to play one of games on my computer KAV( intercepts it as keylogger and prompts for action,despite of i choosing the allow option it continuously prompts me until i terminate the game.I added the game.exe file to the trusted files list of the Antivirus but of no use,i still cant access the game.
  10. iThink there might have been some installation conflicts with ur media player try re-installing it or check if media player 9 goes well with it. Post a sysinfo.txt file.
  11. If ur Antivirus prg detects any vulnerabilities with any of the progam files u can seek possible solutions from the kaspersky network by right clicking on the detected file and click on the "Go to description"option and if the file is an unimportant part of the system u can locate file and manually delete it,vulnerabilities in ur system can allow a path for the intruders into ur system. Basically a keylogger is a tracking Software that records keyboard and/or mouse activity. Keyloggers typically either store the recorded keystrokes for later retrieval or they transmit them to the remote process or person employing the keylogger. While there are some legitimate uses of keyloggers, but they are often used maliciously by attackers to surreptitiously track behavior to perform unwanted or unauthorized actions included but not limited to identity theft. The most common egs. of keylogger programs are games as they continuously monitor ur inputs but they r of no threat until games are played online in untrusted i-zones. :supercool:
  12. Try adding the app.............. to the trusted Application list and check if this works out. :supercool:
  13. I m running XP SP2 on my system but the that's troubling me is that my system frequently fails to boot being unable to detect any HDD although the connections are OK.I have thoroughly scanned my HDD with KAV2009( but detected nothing.If this is not a virus then what other reasons could be making this problem arise? :supercool:
  14. If u r look'in for a paid version firewall Barracuda will be more than handy while for a free firewall u can try comodo firewall pro which is certainly on hills in its category,u can download it from www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/ :supercool:
  15. You should upgrade to KIS 2009 and you can do this without having to pay a cent for it with the original KIS 2007 activation code and installing it again on ur XP system wont raise any conflicts. :supercool:
  16. I m using the latest Kaspersky Antivirus with heuristic analyser set to medium scan.... :supercool:
  17. Just re-install or repair the application see that the application is installed with the default settings. :supercool:
  18. Scans documents a bit slower than other products and sometimes is unable to detect viruses which other online scanners detect on the system.Suggest some possible way to get the best from the antivirus without compromising with the system's performance.
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