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  1. Thank you very much for your very quick response to my posting - it is most helpful
  2. Hello I have just read the message about upgrading but am still unclear - if I have KIS 2012 installed and with a valid licence can I upgrade to KIS 2013 or Pure by simply downloading the software for KIS 2013/Pure - uninstalling KIS 2012 and installing KIS 2013 and activating with a KIS 2012 key? Sorry for being vague but I want to be sure I do the correct moves to ensure continuous protection for my laptop Many thanks David
  3. Hello I am using KIS which works very well. However, I am having trouble being able to view webpages of historical newspapers properly as I think KIS is preventing their correct download. The website I am accessing is via a secure log-in using my local library ticket to gain remote access. The pages are not fully downloading but when I put KIS into pause protection mode - everything works fine and I can view the pages correctly. When I reactive KIS the problem reappears. I am thinking that I need to tell KIS that all downloads and access from this site is "ok" - but I don't know how to do this - please can forum readers guide me to resolving this problem? Many thanks for any assistance David
  4. If I purchase KIS IS with five licences and activate one immediately - how many days "grace" do I have to activate the other licences to ensure that I get a full 365 days use from each licence? Many thanks for any assistance with this query David
  5. Thank you for your help - in making what looked a daunting task much more straightforward.
  6. Thank you for your message. I found that when restarting the computer the necessary changes had taken place and I can use the defragmentation programme without a problem. I usually ensure that when carrying out a defragmentation I have no other programmes/Internet operating - but usually leave KIS operating. Thank you for the further link in this particular subject Regards David
  7. Thank you for the link. I have followed the instructions and the outcome is that a number of the files which could not be defragmented has reduced but the following still remain according to the report I have just saved Fragments File Size Files that cannot be defragmented 3 1 MB \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP12\Bases\klava\strg3104 5 4 MB \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP12\Bases\klava\strg3115 5 5 MB \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP12\Bases\klava\strg3117 28 97 MB \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP12\Bases\klava\strg3114 Please advise what I need to do next Thank you
  8. I have been using a number of KIS versions over the years with Windows XP SP3. I have always been able to use the Windows XP defragmentation facility but having recently installed KIS 2012 and I find that the the defragmentation programme reports that it cannot defrag some files. The report shows they are all associated with the Kaspersky programme. Please can Forum Readers advise how I can make the necessary adjustments to ensure KIS does not interfere with the defragmenation process? Thank you David
  9. Thank you to everyone who replied. I have recently purchased KIS 2011 and will be removing my current version to install 2011 in the next few days. This will overcome the issue I posted about and it is interesting to know that there is no "reset button" for this particular issue Regards David
  10. I am using KIS 2010 -V9.0.0.459 and I have recently re-installed the programme as a part of a re-installation of Windows XP SP3. I found that KIS was stating that "Chrome" browser was acting like a key-logger programme at Windows start up. I have removed and re-installed Chrome and the problem has ceased but my KIS record shows 12 threats detected on the screen entitled "My Protection Status" - they are also shown as "Riskware". I would like to remove these two figures of "12" so that my KIS front screen is showing zero threats against all categories. I have found how to delete the reports but cannot remove these figues. Please advise how I need to proceed to get back to a having a series of zeros Many thanks David
  11. Hi Lucian Thank you Your suggestion seems to have worked - the netbook started to update immediately I unchecked the box. I will monitor progress with the automatic updates during the day Regards David
  12. I am using KIS Special Edition for Ultra Portables build My netbook is a Samsung NC10 Windows XP SP3. I have been using this edition of KIS with no problems for over a month. I now find that KIS will only update if I start the process manually from the Main Screen. In Settings-Update - I have ensured that the Run Mode is set to automatic. The tray icon is present and tells me the date of the last update when the cursur is moved over it. It becomes active showing the small blue ball when the manual update is in progress. However, whereas the automatic update was taking place at start-up and during use this is no-longer happening. When the system is no-longer protected due to no-updates the icon does not indicate this fact. Please can any Forum readers help me resolve this problem? Thank you David
  13. Thank you for the posting - but I have an NC10 rather than an N110 - so I guess the same is true as Kaspersky list the NC10 as one of few Netbooks this software has been tested on?
  14. On the link you sent - under the "Help Me Choose" tab and also on the product box itself it states "Is this product the right choice for your computer If your Netbook computer has Intel Atom etc etc Windows XP OS etc etc Up to 1 GB RAM ..then Kaspersky Internet Security for Netbooks is the ideal product for you. If NOT, please consider buying the standard edition of Kaspersky Internet Security"
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