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  1. Hi I have been used KIS since 2 years ago and like ir power on firewall and antivirus and etc but i couldn't accept that it make some outbound connection and send my information to ip addresses that i didn't trust them you can see these 2 screenshot of COMODO that schwes avp creates many outnound connections!!! sincerely yours
  2. hi i installed kis on my laptop since 6 month ago. one of my friends told me to install COMODO Firewall instead of kis! i installed COMODO too.(kis and COMODO together) and found that kis has created 27 outbound connection to some ip addresses like or and etc and have sending to those ip addresses when i close kis08 all of this outbound connection will be closed too!!! is there anyone to explain me why KIS make outbound connections without asking me?
  3. Hi How kaspersky find the numbre of licenses that used? ex : if any user install workstation on own system unremotely and copy update files from klshare folder of adminkit and pate them in its system!!. the number of licenses don't decrease. Would you please explain about it? Sincerely yours M.Heravi
  4. Hi I have this problem too, I uninstalled Workstatiom and Agent from my computer and i deleted updated files from follow folder :" %systemroot%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP6 ". after that i installed them unremotelly! on my computer and update it from Adminkit, but my problem didn't solve, i did all of this again but updateed it from Kaspersky Lab Update server, but my problem didn't solve!! Would you please help me? Sincerely yours M.Heravi
  5. Hi Thanks for your answer. The exact path is as below. setting-->servise-->"check Enable notification"-->advanced-->"uncheck sound Column" on the all notification row Sincerely Yours M.Heravi
  6. Hi How can i disable the sound of alert in kaspersky ? Sincerely yours M.Heravi
  7. Hi I installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft ISA Server 20042006 Enterprise Edition. i configure it to update from kaspersky lab but when i want to update, it's status change from "idle" to "Updater is running" just for a second and then back to "idle". I open 13000-5 , 14000-5 , 15000-5 Ports on kaspersky Rule in ISA SERVER too. Would you please help me? Sincerely yours M.Heravi
  8. Hi I installed KAV for ISA server 2004 EE. When i want to connect to array i couldn't see any name to select it. Would you please help me? Sincerely yours M.Heravi
  9. Hi I installed Workstaion manually. How can i disable update task? i want to manage update remotely Sincerely youes M.Heravi
  10. Hi I reinstall NetAgent on my client manually!! and my problem solved. Thank's for your replies M.Heravi
  11. Hi I update my AntiVirus database but my signatures were obsolete!! I checked my system date and found that it was further than current date.(about 20 days!!!) when i correct it, received follow warning and my antiVirus deactivated and i changed it to pervious date to avtive it!!! Then i uninstalled my AntiVirus and corrected date of system but when i wanted to active it by my license key, i received Incorrect date again and i should change it to pervious date ( about 20 days further )!!! Would you please help me? Sincerely yours M.Heravi
  12. Hi I uncheck "simple file sharing", i can ping my client and i off firewall too, but when i run an update task on Adminstration Kit, it showes created on some clients and complete for some!!! i didn't know why it show created? Sincerely yours M.Heravi
  13. Hi I installed NetAgent too.The OS of My Client is XP and i installed AdminKit on Winserver2000/SP4 but all of them in WorkGroup and i couldn't deploy NetAgent And WorkStation from AdminKit but i can see my Clients on AdminKit. I installed latest vesion of adminkit(1591) and Workstation(837).
  14. Hi I installed my workstations without deployment, and now i can't update my workstations remotely by AdminKit. When i run the update task it show "created" Would you please help me? Sincerely Yours M.Heravi
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