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  1. Hi Something strange.... I have like 12 emails inside my Outlook 2016 5 Gmails, 2 Imap and rest is POP3 I love POP3 .... But 2 of the POP3 stopped working ... Both inbound and outbound?? - I repair files (2GB in size) I reinstall Office - Upgrade to 2016 (Was 2013) After 8 hours of all this and making new accounts / profile etc. I somehow got Outlook 2016 to open (it froze and didn't start?) I followed ever FAQ - KB From MS and so on... Viola Outlook opens but the 2 POP3 accounts still had issues! I found out that when KIS is active and protective it's blocking the two pop3 account??? the rest of the accounts works fine?? When KIS is "PAUSED" .... All emails accounts work fine?? Here is the question .... HOW & Where do I set "OK" inside KIS settings to allow those two accounts - I checked App manager all is GREEN?? - HELP!!!
  2. Spam plugin is gone??? wow hang on... What else is out there that can do it like Kaspersky? Any ideas? Suggestions! Thanks for all you inputs - I will experiment some more with the import/export
  3. Mine too and the "Bad-Word-Dirty" list is gone as well... :-( Import don't work!!? So export will give you a false sense of trust
  4. Hi all Again... and again after upgrading to the latest version ... there are some fundamentally things that Kaspersky GETS WRONG every time!!! My Setting from prev. version is NOT copied (only my scan schedule)... Setting this on 6 devices takes time and is tediously! (Export and Import has never worked for me ...?) Downloading the "start.exe" from my account with an active license still has NONE of my old settings or take other than the license into account!? AND my SPAM-BLOCK list is gone - My "Dirty-Word-Not-Allowed" list that I build over 14 years is gone !!! GRUMPFGHH!!!!! The IMPORT functions (backup of my lists) is not working - Never has. (Export do something but leaves me with a false sense of trust - due to that import will never read the files that Kaspersky has exported???) My SPAM buttons in Outlook is gone - Cant find anywhere to get them back - The "Settings" box has only 3 settings all is active ... - HOW DO I GET THEM BACK (Outlook 2013) Yes I did activate the settings and the "Outlook plugin"...? Edit the top task bar... No sign of my KISS? Don't get me wrong - I love my Kaspersky - I have KIS everywhere Has been with them since 2003 and have NO intention of tuning away... But is is REALLY strange that they don't get it just a little bit better - I can't even see them trying? - But the core stuff protection / security is OUTSTANDING!!! Maybe it's time for a change? - but I already miss my "RED K" on my task bar (bottom of my screen) now it's a green shield !!! Bvardv.... Maybe I get use to that in time? Please KEEP my settings in the future!! Or warn me before I update?!
  5. Scrool down the page and look for the GDPR Version... That worked for me :-)
  6. Hi I have a local network with a standard router from my ISP I have 4 computers with KIS in my small home office and 3 NAS Drives on this network How do I protect my NAS? (IP settings is only Locals) Can Kaspersky help? Or is it just praying that the router will keep people out? NAT and Firewall?? Thanks for any inputs and advise
  7. Hi Just to be clear... I understand the Secure connection is for wi-fi - Cute and nice feature if I was on a computer that used wi-fi But I am on a PC with cable (fastest) so I don't need this at all? If Yes - I agree kaspersky should detect my connection and leave me to decide what I want If No - If I was using a device that was a WiFi thing... I would really like a secure conection... So 50-50 on this topic! But confirm... I don't need this when I am on a WIRED connection
  8. Hi, After upgrading KIS 2015 to 2016 my boot time on CPU 1 went from 18 sec. to 38 min. On my CPU2 same thing but past 67 min boot time!! Maybe I should leave my computer on? I did disable the "System Change Control".... But no different (Just thought that the new system changes protection was causing this. But it didn't Any ideas?
  9. Hi richbuff, Ups... I knew that but was lazy... Sorry Here is the link to my system. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...36076f3adb44290 Thx for helping out! Netz
  10. Hi, I have the same problem with High Pings in Battlefield 4 Any suggestions - This is an OLD topic! Am I the only one? It started like 3 weeks ago (when i got the latest new rooter from my ISP?) When KIS is OFF - No problem ... But when on... I get high ping and get kick off servers for that!! :-( Win 8.1 64bit Been running KIS since 2004 and BF since it came out!
  11. Hi KleinerMuck Thanks for your guide here... It got really bad and KIS support was fast ... day 2 day answer??!! :-) Juubiii So we got it fixed... Kavremove tool and fresh install solved it! It was properly the Application Manager that went berserk but ... I can now use my CPU again... So catching up on days work pile Have a great weekend and thx again for your list and time! Peter
  12. Hi, Same problem here... After upgrading to (a) SLOW - SLOW and BAD First KIS Task manager is blocking all my programs ?? Then it starts to use 97% of my Processor power slowing EVERYTHING down!! I have 8GB ram and Win7 64bit On my other two Win 8 computers... There are no problems?? Go figure Hope someone can help or send me a link where I can DOWNGRADE to prev. version? And... My sysinfo
  13. Hi KIS People and users. How do I get my URL listed so the GREEN "K" shows up (Looks like a vitamin tablet) :cb_punk: Where and how to add the URL (I don't have an SSL certificate - Is that a must? :dash1: ) Please advise Netz
  14. Ahhh Thx... In my experience when moving license... KIS divides something like (remaining days / (exciting license + New added Computer) So 112/ (3+1) = 28 remaining days for ALL 4 CPU -- Not sure of the math. but losing days is not on my agenda! I rather use the new PURE for my old laptop! - Thanks for reply... It's now clear to me...
  15. Hi Lads, Since the two programs (KIS & PURE) are two diff. programs... (maybe in the same family?) What if I have a NEW KIS --- 289 days left and want to upgrade it to PURE? Do I then get 289 days + 365 for the purchase of PURE? Reality: I have KIS 2011 with 112 days left I have bought PURE and have the DISC and code to activate 3 PURE :cb_punk: The first computer said - (This had an EXPIRED Trial version of KIS2011): UNINSTALLE KIS2011 - Pure is NOT compatible ?? Okay... Must set all the settings again Now I am thinking... That my 112 days fly out the window - if I just uninstall and put PURE on it?
  16. Hi Ray! Thanks ... I believe this helped me somehow... My security was set to 90 as recommended and by LOWERING it ... it actually gets harder for spammers (I first thought that the higher number des higner security...? -- I now lowered the filter and wait for better results! I also set a tick "If mail is not addressed to me" Thx mate - I hope this has done it Peter
  17. Hi All, I hope you can help... I keep getting spam from the same spammers I right-click and BLOCK them with Outlook (2007) Then I go to my Junk Folder and mark them as SPAM with KIS Some time later... A new email from the same Spammer shows up in my Inbox??? I am so tired of spammers - Why do China mega-spammers send mail in China letters - WHO CAN READ THEM ??? Doooo Please help me to get some peace from SPAM! Make my KIS 2011 work http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...02d21cb18f76657
  18. @Marko13 Thx - But the repair worked... I did all that system thing in another topic - And to my support ticket on some BIG problems - But the staff must be very busy or on vacation? So let's hope the repair did it... Next move: Reinstall.... If still fails I post all that info again... If still .... Uninstall
  19. @Meppie! Thx mate... I started just with a repair - Seems ok - I am grateful! If error shows up.. I will reinstall (Do I lose days on my license when reinstalling or will KIS leave it alone?) Blessings Peter
  20. Hi KIS, You are about to lose a FAN! The last 2 days ... Every site I visit has a BAD CERTIFICATE ????? Come on!! Please please.... Lets get paranoid together... Or should I drop back to 2010!! At least that worked! - Slowed my system to 50% but I didn't get paranoid! I have a WIN7 64 and I also suspect KIS for blocking normal posting on blocks --- My FireFox Or IE will NOT post to any blog ?? Strange things are happening - Should I install Unix and Norton?
  21. Hi Ray! Thx... What toolbar ? Google toolbar - KIS or RoboForm (my password keeper - until I upgrade to PURE) (maybe both) Peter
  22. Hi Richbuff, I do all the time... Every time I see the error in the LogBook I do run ChkDsk from Properties in Explorer and have to reboot and wait 40 min. for the BIG check to finish! But it happend again... I just posted a support request: Here are a copy and the upload of logs-file that failed (log-collection is 4,5MB) And the forum here is max 300kb ... Hmmm ************ SUPPORT REQUEST COPY *********** Hi KIS! DISK ERRORS happens in combination with GenieTimeLine Backup I have missing KIS menus when switching between main window to report or settings?? But the disc errors are BAD! :dash1: I have disabled GenieTime Backup and have created a RAR file with logs and system info for you to see. I hope you can fix this - I need my daily KIS http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...02d21cb18f76657 Maybe I should say that I believe and have found that the disc errors ONLY appears when KIS is active (scanning, or check out some files) then Genie sets off and start backing up all "touched" files (that's what the TimeBackup does) IF I TURN OFF GENIE - All runs normal! So I am not pointing fingers... But hey... You lads can see better than me!! Give it your best shoot! :cb_punk: Best regards Peter
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