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Putty SecureCRT session time out

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Use putty and securecrt at work, and they do timeout after some idle time. I found in forums suggestion to allow any connectivity to these programs, didn't helped.

If you think its network problem - I connect to computers in LAN and have no problems with KIS turned off. Few days ago I registered this problem as a bug:


4.2.2006, 16:06 - Your Request:

I use Putty and SecureCRT with KIS beta. Both programs timeouts and freezes then KIS is ON after some period of time. Never happend then KIS is OFF.


6.2.2006, 08:24 - Ivan Krasnov:

Please update KIS version using attached link Beta FTP source. Also i recommend you to visit KL user forum.

Links are attached.



Didn't get any links, and going to ftp server i didn't find any new verions.


Any ideas?

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This is the link to the newer beta versions:


Use the activation codes in the text-file ActCodes.txt, the older beta codes will no longer work with this build.


These builds are released as "not completely tested", meaning that they have through less testing before release. New builds are released almost daily to fix problems. :)

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