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A number of issues

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I've installed KAV 3 Tier at a number of clients and there are several issues that are causing real problems and are chewing up a lot of time trying to get workstations running again.


1) All stations are top of the line HP/Compaq running 2K or XPSP2, all are up to date with SP and patches.


2) Servers are top of the line HP/Compaq running SBS 2003, all are up to date. All run Exchange 2003, a few also run SQL.


3) NAV Corp Edition was previously installed and removed prior to installation.


4) The number of users ranges between 5 and 25 depending on location.


5) A number of the workstations have "RealVNC" installed. I've set it up the verdict in trusted riskware, both manually and from the "Add..." option in the detected lists after a scan. It still gets flagged on the next scan. I understand VNC has problems with KAV?




1) A lot of the workstations get hung up on "Scan on Application Startup". They sit at some high percentage (between 70 - 85%) and stay that way for days if left alone. I reduced the scan to just startup items and memory, but it still happens. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen frequently. I've just disabled entirely for now. I shouldn't have to, no?


2) At random intervals workstations will start to freeze with kavmm taking up to 100% of the cpu. The only way to get the workstation back is to disable the KAV service and registry entry, reboot with KAV stopped and then try to start it manually. Some times it works, some times it doesn't.


3) When a workstation has a number of suspected viruses and riskware, and you go to clean it out, it seems to get jammed at the "Scanning - Deleting..." phase and I have to reset the PC to get control back. You can't click stop as it just freezes the KAV user interface. This happens with "Skip" reccomendations too. This may be related to problem 2 above.


4) KAV for file servers seems to interfere with a commercial SQL based app, DOCSOPEN. When the KAV server app is running, the workstations slow to a crawl during any file operations, including SQL. Only turning off the KAV file application seems to work, which negates any protection it offers.


5) I get KAVE reports from each of the servers, but there is no identification as to which server sent it. Also the reports have spurious characters in the headings. Is that some formatting meta code that's not working.


I think KAV has potential, especially over the newer Norton offerings. But I've wasted a lot of time trying to resolve these issues. Hopefully you have some resolutions. Thanks...



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