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Upgrading to version 2017 from any previous version

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Installing version 2015/16/17


If you're upgrading to version 2015/2016/2017 from version previous versions then i would strongly recommend that you uninstall any previous version (this includes AV's from other vendors!)....... completely, keeping only the activation data option ticked in the uninstall wizard if you wish and reboot before installing the new version. This is very important even between say versions 2013 or 2014. If you previously have had other anti-viruses installed then I would recommend you have a look at this sticky.


You can download the latest versions here.


If you have problems uninstalling Kaspersky, then there is a removal tool you can use to uninstall, look Here for instructions.


Within your license period you are entitled to version upgrades & signatures, all you need is the activation code which is why it's important you save this to a floppy, USB or cd, this way you never has to contact support for a new code.


An alternative is to register your activation code using the My Kaspersky Account system, where it will be stored for safe keeping.


Some users will need to contact support for a replacement code if they for example are using multiyear keys originally bought for older versions......... Link to Helpdesk

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