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Removing other anti-viruses

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The first thing you should be aware of is that running two (or more) anti-viruses is often a receipe for disaster. Never install Kaspersky without uninstalling previous installations of anti-virus software, it's not recommended by Kaspersky.


Removing remnants of other AV products (even when it is already uninstalled via add/remove programs)


AV remnants is often a source of problems when installing Kaspersky, these problems can vary from small and perhaps unnoticed by the user trying Kaspersky for the first time and therefore thinking that it is normal for Kaspersky to be a little heavy because this is what he/she reads on some forums, to very severe slowdowns prompting the user to perhaps either contact support or post here at the forum.


Well, the good news is that many vendors make some very good removal-tools and if you follow the suggestions below, even if they may seem overkill to you, then a better experience with Kaspersky can almost be guaranteed and with better overall system performance to follow in most cases too!


Link to tools via the Kaspersky support: Here. Among those who make these tools are: Norton products, McAfee , Trend Micro, BitDefender, Avast, AVG, Eset/Nod32, Agnitum Outpost and Norman.


A possible guide to use if things have gone bad with regards to uninstalling another AV:


1. Install JV Powertools or Powertools lite (Freeware).

2. Uninstall Kaspersky if it's installed and reboot.

3. Run the removaltool for the AV in question downloaded from link above.

4. Install the trial of JV Powertools, run it ..... click registry tools and select "Registry cleaner", when finished scanning you go to the topmenu and choose "Select > All", then you click "Fix" at the bottom, it will ask you if you wish to make a backup and you do, just to be safe. You can also try the "Clean & fix my computer" in JV Powertools.

5. Reinstall Kaspersky.

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