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total security anti-banner, Vivaldi, XP.

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i am unfortunately using win XP on an emergency basis right now, and am using Vivaldi as my browser. total security will intercept any attempt to navigate to sites which it has blacklisted (i have not added any myself,) but anti-banner is non-functional. vivaldi is a chrome clone. is there anything i can do to make anti-banner work?

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<_< a None technical step : Vivaldi browser is not supported by kaspersky, so for 

testing Pause or uninstall vivaldi - install Chrome or Firefox could fix the issue


Regarding the malfunction of Anti-Banner..?

How to stop kaspersky blocking websites : only by Add them to whitelist

1) Enable Anti-Banner : open kaspersky & click settings >> click Protection 

 2) Remove sites from blacklist >> click Protection center

3) Add sites to whitelist >> click Protection center

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if vivaldi is not supported, why does it still manage to stop me from going to blacklisted sites? i don't have a problem with blacklisted sites. i have no need to whitelist any site so far - i simply mentioned this to indicate that kaspersky DOES blacklist sites properly when using Vivaldi. if it can blacklist sites with vivaldi, why can't it blacklist banners? i don't understand why it can do one of those tasks, but not the other.


as for the other browsers - i know that anti-banner works with firefox. the problem is that i really don't like firefox, and i won't use chrome for any reason.

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34 minutes ago, neo-luddite said:

i know that anti-banner works with firefox. the problem is that i really don't like firefox, and i won't use chrome for any reason.

:)ok sir you admitted that - The Anti-Banner works with Firefox browser and won't use Chrome

in that case..if you don't get another reply : Ask to Tech Support to resolve the problem

Link :  https://my.kaspersky.com/techsupport#/new : Post results here 

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perhaps i should have said "is there anything i can do to make anti-banner work WITH VIVALDI." sorry, i thought that meaning would be clear.


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One answer would be to make sure it's turned ON in Settings > Protection. 

As the others have said, Kaspersky does not support this browser.  The fact that the blacklisted site feature still works but anti-banner still does not indicates that full package protection is not available.  Other protection features that you may assume are working may not be. 

Also, unless I'm missing something, I do not see Windows XP as an operating system supported by Kaspersky Total Security:  https://support.kaspersky.com/13910

Unsupported Windows XP teamed up with an unsupported browser and an anti-virus that is semi-functional (not by fault of its own) may not be the best environment to be in.  If you must use Vivaldi, you may want to look for an internet security suite that supports it.

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