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Windows firewall status: On

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Enclosed a screenShot.  The path to it was C.Panel/W.DefenderFirewall/advancedsettings/W.DefenderFirewallProperties....

You will notice in deep yellow hilite - "settings managed by vendor application KTL"  .

On the smaller R.Screen - Domain Profile, Private profilr, Public Profile are all ON (recommended) under FIREWALL STATE.  

Does this mean i have 2 firewalls running?  I can turn them off under the dropdown box beside firewall state.  Should I?  KTL is my Firewall choice.



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Please try this :
> Disable WD in the Services and at Startup
> Reboot


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Thank you.  what about the questions, as pasted below, taken from start of topic.

Q. - Does this mean i have 2 firewalls running? 

Q. - I can turn them off under the dropdown box beside firewall state.  Should I?

another Q. - sorry - displaying my PC savvy - how do i go about your answer, Berney.  - (MSCONFIG).....

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Concerning the screen shot on start of this topic above:

Went to my wife's PC.  She uses W.7.  It also has the items on Screen shot. -  However, with W7, in C. Panel/Actioncentre/Security   -  under "view installed firewall programs"  -   it has her security provider's Firewall ON,    with W.Firewall as OFF.  

So on my wif's W.7, it seems that although - C.Panel/W.DefenderFirewall/advancedsettings/W.DefenderFirewallProperties.... says W. firewall is on - like i said - under action center/security  - it says it is off.    

HMMMM?  Good old W.-10 seems to keep things vague.  Hope this helps as you investigate. 

Again - thank you.



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48 minutes ago, jems said:


You are welcome. Please use shortcut “Windows Key + R” > Type MSCONFIG in the text box.

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Hi Berny : if you Let me jump to clarify something here..

the OP posted another thread is below .. Link >> >

The post #6 shows that - He has KTS On : and Mbam off

Windows-Defender >> You've using other antivirus provider : So is off too

Now with the Firewall >> KTS is Turned On : The default red warning

by wind's 10 - Should be ignored : in resume he can follow the RUN command


To verify himself that WD is disabled : The shield & myself helped on the

mentioned post. He was asked to disable the Real Time protection

he hasn't confirmed it did so, but his Mbam is off : Supposedly if he Deactivated

the premium license the MBAM - should roll back to Free ver. But the Dashboard

show "Your protection is at risk" So I advised to Un & Reinstall the app" it will

stay on Free ver. as long as He doesn't Enter his activation key : Hope this helps

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MBAM is gone!!  don't need the hassle.

As to W. Firewall saying it is on - please again see sc.Shot - says KTS is managing things.  W. Firewall says it is off. 

This discussion does not seem to be progressing.  I personally think (and i am no where near being an expert) that W-10 Firewall ON seems to be a Windows made necessity.  Went and checked other chats - WR says W-10 works with it's firewall, but it would seem the others say no.

So i will continue on.  However, i believe it is your job to research the whole W-10 firewall status(s) and their compatibility with KTS Firewall. 

I have received MUCH help from this forum & i thank you.  Keep up the good work.

if any answer to my issue comes up, i will listen.  For now, i am not going to remove W-FWall via msconfig until i am confident that is the route. 





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@Jems : well Berny was following your case. But my personal opinion is that..

Everything is ok in your computer, your last screenshot shows that MBAM

was uninstalled : Your KTL as you called is ON : Kaspersky firewall is On

the Windows firewall is Off - because you've KTL Security instead.

So to finish watch for any warnings and report them here :)

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thanks for the answer.  Yes - i will report any warnings.

appreciated - all input on this post. :)

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