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Feature request: Whole disk encryption with pre-boot

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I think that transparent whole disk encryption with pre-boot authentication and preferably also singe sign on should be a standard part of a complete security package nowadays, but it isn't. My computer is protected with boot password and drive lock password but if it gets stolen would it still be possible to read the files from the disk if it is connected to another computer.
The data encryption feature that is part of Kaspersky Total Security shows that you at Kaspersky also is aware of the need of encryption to protect sensitive personal files if the computer gets stolen and I have played with that feature now but is not quite happy with it. It only protects some files as some files has to be left out of the encrypted storage. One example is that the Google Drive sync application refuse to read and write to the virtual disk opened when the encrypted storage is open. But there are also data spread around in Windows System catalogues. I will not use this feature any longer as too many files has to be left out of it.
What I would like to see is something like DriveCrypt Plus instead https://www.securstar.com/en/drivecrypt-plus-pack.html. I have not tried that software yet but if it works as well as it is described would it be as easy as I want it to. It should encrypt the whole disk, use pre-boot, which preferably also logs on to Windows, and be transparent to the user after log on. I believe that you at Kaspersky should be able to implement like that and that it could be part of your Total Security package. Or am I asking for too much? :)

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VeraCrypt as described here https://www.veracrypt.fr/en/System Encryption.html seems also to be a good alternative for Windows users (I use Win 7 myself) but I have neither tested it. And I found that BitLocker could be an alternative for Windows 10 Pro-users, not included to home users. I don't have the necessary skills to evaluate what of these alternatives that would be best for home users. I only see the need for it to make the computing more safe to the public (including myself).

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:rolleyes: All feature requests, should be send to kaspersky Technical support

using this webPage :  https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create

After Log in my kaspersky >> Fill up preliminary steps and when get

to - Request type - Scroll to Feedback >> click Request Subtype

and select "I have a suggestion" : on the Problem Description

click the wider field [ -------------------- ] with some greyed text

lines & Type here your "Suggested feature" + Send it

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Ohh! man the link was shown the 404 - Error : I retyped

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