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Kaspersky Free limitations, ref. XP & Mbam [merged with redux]

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After checking the Kaspersky Knowledge Database and K's Free version's limitations, I noticed that "some" aspects of the antivirus protection may be limited for, amongst other things, likely XP systems and for Users of free MBAM (Malwarebites AntiMalware).

In that I didn't find any mentions of using K's free version on my XP pc,  I'm in the dark as to if
the free version even works at all on a Windows XP OS, so if anyone privy to that info and/or if
they/we know what K's free version's 'some limitations' actually result in (for those using the
free MBAM application), I'd be ever so relieved in hearing about it.

I'm using MBAM's older free version and if I recall correctly, MBAM's update/upgrade advisory (seen each time I open MBAM) 'leads to now offering only paid versions', while I think I have MBAM's latest free version, (us retirees on SSI's fixed income, pretty much always have to watch our nickels and dimes).

FYIO - I understand the risks of still using XP, IE8 and Opera's 'latest' stable36.0.2130.80, but I
use that Netbook primarily just for processing and transferring files from my W7P Notebook pc onto my EHD's and of course Windows updates and Acer's latest application, BIOS and driver updates.  I still find it concernable that going online once in a while for Windows updates and unless I can avoid it, installing software that requires downloading it and/or that phones home to install.

Advance thanks and kudos for any helpfully constructive replies.

Best regards to all and to all, happ-e-trails,


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:rolleyes: Regarding your set of questions. I would comment the following..

1) Regarding the KAF = Kaspersky Antivirus Free : is well known that

 any antivirus free version has its own limitations, so users must

get the Paid version to have the full functionality 


2) now MBAM latest version is : Read online that when

download the app if offers a Trial of 15-30 days. When get expired

if users don't buy the Premium version it becomes free version after


3) When it comes to Windows XP is not supported anymore by Microsoft

so computers users must Upgrade to Wind's 8.1 or 10 : Because windows 7

is Not an option its extended support Ends on Jan -14 -2020 : Hope this help

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Did my home work before trying KAV Free on my XP SP1 netbook, but when it came to undisclosed factuals in the knowledge database, nor locatable within the forum, are the following:

How doesn't KAV Free work on an XP, i.e; where knowledge database merely imparted to me that "some aspects of the antivirus protection may be limited for XP Systems" and for 'users of (free or otherwise) Malwarebites AntiMalware'.

But what tipped the scales for me, was the fact that KAV Support's response to asking about the fairly mysteriously described and/or ill disclosed aspects of KAV Free's "Secure  Connection" ('add-on' or 'accompaniment'), i.e.; Support's reply to my asking if the latter was even suitable for Users on Public WiFi, they-he-she merely quipped back saying "Try it" (saying so even despite my having explained the reason I'd asked, i.e.; I don't need either the headaches in both losing my Wi-Fi connections for days on end and/or trying to get it working again ('if Secure Connection is indeed unusable for Public Wi-Fi servers').

And in as much as I don't recall ever knowingly having enabled 'Secure Connection', the critter's icon sat in my systems tray glowing red, presumably/expectedly 'not turned on',  And yet when I later right-clicked it (because apparently for no reason I can imagine, my IE8's browser lost nearly all of it's https and FTP connections and that's why I right-clicked the Secure Connections icon, only to try and see if turning it on might restore IE8's lost connections), but instead I found it'd seemingly been on all the time!

And when I turned it off, I still found I'd lost all those connections, except I eventually manged to get KAV Free updated AV definitions working again, but only after several hours and days of trying to do even that!).

As such, KAV Free and/or Secure Connection seems to have caused my IE8's browser's 'permanent' losses of most all of it's https and FTP connections,  so thanks a lot KAV Support and KAV Knowledge Database!

Otherwise better/best regards and happier-e-trails to all,




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As far as I know, Kaspersky Free is not compatible with Windows XP (most likely because Microsoft no longer supports the XP version):  https://support.kaspersky.com/12962

Also, for technical support, you'd need to buy a license.  Knowledge base articles are still available.

You should consider upgrading to a Windows version that is fully supported by Microsoft for which the Kaspersky Free version is functional.

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Not sure whatever that post is all about. But your system clearly does not meet the minimum requirements. 

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