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Vulnerability scan detections, KTS19 Notifications Centre: no visible notifications

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KTS19,, W10x64.

As per Kaspersky Lab Technical Support, it is "by design" that Vulnerability Scan detections, are not "alerted" to Kaspersky users via the Kaspersky main application window, nor the Kaspersky Application Notifications Centre, rather, Kaspersky users are only made aware of these detections when they stumble upon them in Kaspersky Reports or visible notifications.

This is despite the fact that (specifically, in this case) the detections have a CVSS Critical rating of 10 - the highest severity.

All other scan detections register a visible "alert" on the Kaspersky main application window and in the Kaspersky Notification.

It makes no sense that consistency, i.e. alerts for, all scans, for detected objects, is not applied across  all Kaspersky products

How incomprehensible that a leading security software provider would think alerting their customers to minor recommendations is of any help, while at the same time, burying serious vulnerabilities, so that, only those who go digging/reviewing their security software will find detections.

This is a serious flaw in Kaspersky products.

Note, in the image, the 2 "recommendations" are for minor adjustments.


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:rolleyes: I agree the vulnerabilities Scan results and other events, should be notified

to the users. But according with your post the answer from - Tech support

was that it has been designed that way. Eventually they will change it

on future versions : Don't worry about the OS vulnerabilities and

with those vulnerable apps,.Just update to its latest version  

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Thanks indio, I've already taken all the "recommended" actions for the critical vulnerabilities. All that did was "identify" that the "recommended" solution only partially worked - back to the drawing board Kaspersky!

I do worry, not only for myself, but, for all Kaspersky users who think the "best thing since sliced bread" security solution is "looking after things", completely unaware there are critical vulnerabilities in their systems that require action.

Implementing "vulnerability scan detection" "notify" events, to the Kaspersky Main Application window & the Notification Centre is a simple fix, it's not like the functionality does not already exist.

It could be implemented and shipped with the next patch.

It's not a "nice to have", it's essential.

Ludicrous really, considering Kaspersky is writing articles of import such as: https://www.kaspersky.com/enterprise-security/wiki-section/products/fileless-threats-protection and at the same time, not doing everything to support their customers.

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