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eM Client account connection fails

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I use eM Client for email and have very many email addresses that synchronise regularly. Unless I turn off Kaspersky Web Security two email accounts fail to synchronise. The error message is: [IMAP] An attempt to connect to yyy@zzz.co.uk failed.

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Welcome. Please pass your mouse cursor over the Kaspersky tray icon and tell us the full, complete name and version number of your Kaspersky product. 

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Hi Did you get an answer to this?

I use emClient for a number of different email accounts from different providers including gmail (for my personal email)   Randomly I'd get unexplained IMAP errors seemingly related to connection or sync!

Today constantly gmail failed!  From another forum I saw a mention that someone else found that Kaspersky was the issue (Did not state which version)  Or what the outcome was but it was a clue as I'd had no end of trouble with scanning until I my my Canon Scanner app in the exclusion list,

As an experiment I have added the EmClient MailClient.exe to the list of Kaspersky exclusions and it seems to work.  I need to experiment more with the exclusion options to see whats the minimum you need I'd hope it would just be network communication as that's what Kaspersky seems to have tightened up on in the 19.xxxx update. 

Open the Kaspersky Dashboard, 

Click the cog bottom left

Select Additional from the Left Panel

Select Threats and Exclusions from the Right Panel

From the next screen select 'Specify Trusted Applications'   (roughly in the middle of the screen)

Click Add button bottom Right

Click Browse bottom Left on next screen.

Locate the MailClient.exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe)

I've for now just set the option 'Do not Scan All Traffic'   

and make sure it's Active

Then Save

Hope this helps 


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I never really resolved this, Steve. These days I just turn off "Web anti-virus" protection while I sync email then turn it back on again. Seems to solve the problem for a while. I am loath to open myself up to attacks by failing to scan everything on a regular basis. I rather expect problems with non-mainstream software. I recently found that eMclient won't reject mail in Chinese or Cyrillic characters that are plainly spam. The workaround is clunky but works after a fashion!



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