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What a surprise... Why KIS should get....

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Hi all

Again... and again after upgrading to the latest version ... there are some fundamentally things that Kaspersky GETS WRONG every time!!!

My Setting from prev. version is NOT copied (only my scan schedule)... Setting this on 6 devices takes time and is tediously! (Export and Import has never worked for me ...?)
Downloading the "start.exe" from my account with an active license still has NONE of my old settings or take other than the license into account!?

AND my SPAM-BLOCK list is gone  - My "Dirty-Word-Not-Allowed" list that I build over 14 years is gone !!! GRUMPFGHH!!!!! The IMPORT functions (backup of my lists) is not working - Never has.
(Export do something but leaves me with a false sense of trust - due to that import will never read the files that Kaspersky has exported???)

My SPAM buttons in Outlook is gone - Cant find anywhere to get them back - The "Settings" box has only 3 settings all is active ... - HOW DO I GET THEM BACK (Outlook 2013)
Yes I did activate the settings and the "Outlook plugin"...? Edit the top task bar... No sign of my KISS?

Don't get me wrong - I love my Kaspersky - :ph34r: I have KIS everywhere Has been with them since 2003 and have NO intention of tuning away... B)

But is is REALLY strange that they don't get it just a little bit better - I can't even see them trying? - But the core stuff protection / security is OUTSTANDING!!!

Maybe it's time for a change? - but I already miss my "RED K" on my task bar (bottom of my screen) now it's a green shield !!! Bvardv.... :wacko: Maybe I get use to that in time?

Please KEEP my settings in the future!! Or warn me before I update?!

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@Netz: I understand your frustration of being :: 1) Unable to import your customized settings

from previous app To the new ver. 19.0.01088 : and Now you've to create them again


2) Regarding the removed of the "Spam Add-in" on Outlook13-16 : Another member who

posted the same question, received an answer from Tech support That was

scrapped due to lower - Number of users who made use of this Add-in


3) Finally with the switching of the legendary red "K" icon for that green shield 

Personally I dislike this new shield - Logo and the White GUI backround.

I guess they wanto project a different image : Send these unwelcome


changes as suggestions to Roll them back it doesn't help..They

could just ignore it so We've to get used to..? <_<

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Also, I know this is too late this time, but in Kaspersky, if you go to GENERAL and at the bottom, there's a setting called: Manage Settings. When you click this it will allow exporting and importing of your settings. This would alleviate the need to go through all those settings. I feel for ya when it comes to 6 devices! Hope this helps ya. I didn't even know this existed until a little while ago when I was curious to know if there's a way for saving settings.

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the SPAM Plugin is gone.  (They closed or deleted my Posts about this).

Just trying to get KIS 2018 working agian, but the Outlook Anti SPAM Modul is not activated.

And Kavremr does not remove all Kaspersky Information from Disc or Registry..

Just spend 20min doing it manually.

I am gone from Kaspersky as soon as my License is expired..



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Spam plugin is gone??? wow hang on... What else is out there that can do it like Kaspersky? Any ideas? Suggestions!

Thanks for all you inputs - I will experiment some more with the import/export


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