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2019 Update sometimes stuck at 100% [merged, and split]

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Same here, all of the above KTS vs 19, Windows 10. Desktop PC ethernet connection. I've using Kaspersky Total Security for several years now and I am getting pretty sick of constantly having problems of one sort of another with little to no support. Obviously this is not an isolated incident. It's the same thing. Do a restart. Do a manual update no problem. Next automatic update gets stuck at 96% or %100 showing to be downloading. Hit stop, no response. Try to exit KTS and it crashes system and you have to do a force start. I don't want to have to restart my damn computer every damn time I need a database update! I have another machine that is a laptop using wifi connection with same Windows 10 os and same KTS version 19 and it's not doing it. And it has all of the same software residing on it.

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I have the same problem and have no intention of using the work arounds; why should I have to do this?  KTS 2019 is not fit for purpose. My licencr expired in a month or so and if it isn't fixed by then I'll be moving to another AV.

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Just to note I'm having exactly the same problem with KIS 2019.

I have reverted to KIS2018 for now, and will stick with it till this problem is resolved.

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On 6/15/2018 at 10:45 AM, Indio said:

Here's one more nail on this buggy - KIS : dataBase Updates system

I had some quick Scans stop at [  1%  ] But daily updates were working ok

normally the 1st Update definitions start at 5:00 AM : but today stuck @100

* Launch sooner the patch that will fix this malfunction


B) I second those users - Who continuous reporting the Scan stuck on different

percentages .. 1% telling the user that is calculating the time >>other

scans stopped at 83% - 100% -  and So on so Forth : Weird the 

patch (b) That supposedly will fix all this bugs Not only


on Stuck scans folks, but also on the "Updates failures" Aren't listed

as has been fixed on patch (b) Read thru the fixes list >>>  - >>>

Link :  https://index.php?/topic/397837-patch-b-for-version-kiskav-version-19001088-tech-article 


What shame the link doesn't open : I types this post on Google Chrome - since the last forum upgrade

they took away the feature to Test your links, before send it out. I'll retype the link using IE-11

Here it goes :  https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/397837-patch-b-for-version-kiskav-version-19001088-tech-article

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3 hours ago, Indio said:


Hmm the infamous indio again. Apologies to the readers of this post : Check this out first time - Typed correctly the above link on Chrome

but I Edited and retyped incorrectly missed the <<forum.kaspersky.com>> but anyway users cannot test their links, before sent them

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