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Can KTS18 detect possible hidden users?

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Using Windows 10 (vs 1709, and now 1803), I have an administrator account and a standard account, of which I am the only user, and both are password protected (with different passwords).

Windows used to allow users to be signed in to both accounts at the same time. However, with Win10, I see that I can only be logged in to one account at any one time. Therefore, when I’m logged in to my Std account, I’m fairly sure I’m not logged in to my Admin account – at least, as far as I can tell, I’ve had to log out of the Admin account before I can log in to the Std account, so assume the Admin account is not active when I’ve logged in to the Std account, and vice versa.

However, here’s the problem. I can log in and out of each account without issue. However, when I log out of each account I occasionally get a message above the Windows icon stating that other users will lose any unsaved work, do I want to log out anyway? When this happens, I am the only user and have already closed off any documents I’ve been working on. In control panel > user accounts > manage another account, only my two accounts are shown, therefore, does this suggest that another user is active in my account which is hidden from view?

This does seem suspicious to me. Therefore, is it possible for a hidden user to be active in either of my accounts, and can KTS18 detect them, or is there is there some other way of finding out if they are active?


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B) Welcome to SajFlad 

No replies yet :  Here's mine and quote "Can KTS -2018 detect possible Hidden users" I don't think so

What must be detects is any changes on files or Attempts done for hackers - OoPs! scare you

 to Get into your computer, showing IP's or other info but won't display a Username


sound this logical to you :: To recap if you're the only-1 who uses that computer, there's No way

to be Logged in for an intruder. Now regarding the Windows message of Save changes

done recently, before Log out is a simple reminder of windows operation system


1) If you distrust change the passwords on your - Admin and Standard accounts -

2) To verify if somebody - Logged in your PC open "Task Manager" click on the

column called  | Users | if only your Email appears then Nobody else used the Pc

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