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Virus problem with FP2

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Hello all,

I’m experiencing a big virus problem i’m pretty sure.
i’ve tried to reboot my phone and cleaning it but it doesn’t seems to work ; the applications open whenever they want and then doesn’t respond anymore 30 sd later . ( i still have the little announce that the application doesn’t respond )
the launcher for exemple is quitting all the time. everything is so unstable that i can not do sms, calls or do whatever with the phone since 2 days.
i have try to use some cleaner but they quit after 30 sd too.
sometime i can’t even control the screen, nothing move anymore.
i have to close it, or reboot it or even sometime take out the batterie in order to have it back for 5 mn.
it’s extreme…

what can i do ??

Thank you

I did not find the right solution from the internet
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