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Update of Avengine/Kavbase, ARK, QSCAN, SWMON

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We are asking you to test Avengine/Kavbase, ARK, QSCAN, SWMON modules update

Update available from: http://iro.kaspersky-labs.com/


Release date:

13 Nov 2017 (start of targeting)


Update description:



1)      swmon.kdl          (, MD5: B4490F8CBA9993297EC3E1AF7D6499B5)

2)      swmon32.dat    (, MD5: 98136B7118F24B832D91019FE9F51C9E)

3)      swmon64.dat    (, MD5: 36C2E8687F2A37EF9F804C842D363C7F)

4)      swmon_32.dll    (, MD5: 323DC235178ED214ADAACE544E07C14E)

5)      swmon_64.dll    (, MD5: 46BFFE52F4465CEBD7C29F77CD645700)

6)      swmon_drv.kdl (, MD5: 3E625901CE43E15097B4AFD8794567A4)


1)      swmon.kdl          (, MD5: B9074218AB7C54A51ECE6C858D8A4D1F)

2)      swmon32.dat    (, MD5: DEF5ABCCA41FED0F8A9BF066E4948F0D)

3)      swmon64.dat    (, MD5: 378C0D4BC0CBFED93894CB0283ABC57F)

4)      swmon_32.dll    (, MD5: AB353CB542735C82EFD545D96AE1A7C7)

5)      swmon_64.dll    (, MD5: 36C985CC3DE07334439BB8C956687172)

6)      swmon_drv.kdl (, MD5: 3392A119589CAD2936BCD279ECC27816)



1) Detect Vmware UM interceptor

2) New logic to detect KLHKUM (TFS 2431529)

How to test


For Windows,Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS

avengine.dll (x86, unmod)


MD5: 7AF1FA4A7063A884E6F86067568D0DF3

avengine.dll (x86, mod)


MD5: 44721575337529DF0DECD418858E18D4

kavbase.kdl (x86, unmod)


MD5: 3BFCC8067C598D458196E9F1D6873BAC

kavbase.kdl (x86, mod)


MD5: 0C688B962B4B6491588735D4CA2E0BCB

libavengine.so (x64)


MD5: D560F7883FEF608AD581899972E215D1

kavbase.kdl (x64)


MD5: 45F35FC580B5F698E7CE43805378C0EE

avengine.dll (x64)


MD5: 622ED68ADFE347BD0AD6159862E36062

libavengine.dylib (x86)


MD5: D51D55FD723AFDADE62329CB4E1F9D44

libavengine.so (x86)


MD5: C335481E6B6D9BA5BDBB3938EA004BFA

libavengine.so (x86)


MD5: C3B0F4ED1B53156E1ED403A35B2EA745

libavengine.so (x86)


MD5: A50BC59DAA0DC0FBD5AC155AB83A9362

libavengine.so (x64)


MD5: 968C7F913A6BE4BAB6662B615EFA8A7E

libavengine.so (x64)




  • Fix [KES11} ODS. Some samples from collection were not disinfected
  • Add support FileMapping
  • Dump fix

Avengine: How to test

Kavbase: How to test



qscan.kdl (md5: b15a578025d6967cf8738c39b2b814f9 )

kavsys.kdl (md5: 12d064af3aa3677b0af1b6a84f9cd9c6 )

klark32.dat (md5: 1a317131f2a1ad745419ef6f100db210 )

klark64.dat (md5: 6d3ea434891eaefb9bf1bf46a0d8c6f8 )

klark32.drv (md5: e7206b00e626749caeccb7d355cd0d6e )

klark64.drv (md5: 3d8b3598e023d2370ce01d2d1a644830 )

klbg32.dat (md5: a2d0e6ddaf5ec4550842e81d3c40a6a7 )

klbg64.dat (md5: aa2292a9262e014c0fe5f2520e91e6b5 )

klbg32.drv (md5: 03d030ba4c32686749583221450c332b )

klbg64.drv (md5: 49dda33b5a43b6222429b9e26fa7c3fa )


Mod version:

qscan.kdl (md5: 90390b2e6c7fd40fbbc33e9573e08edf )

kavsys.kdl (md5: 6170921e04e1bb10d418f23f9184d061 )

klark32.dat (md5: a93e0ffcb0e99275be761f56f3f3334b )

klark64.dat (md5: 2bea14cee62ccfe86329bac354af45ec )

klark32.drv (md5: 8baf27c8d2855142aab0a4597481f50d )

klark64.drv (md5: 0bf0a65acad840f89aff23f10960e187 )

klbg32.dat (md5: ee004c2d0e071ab215e0ec1c798022ea )

klbg64.dat (md5: 8ab7c996eb76a49a08185ae2b1283808 )

klbg32.drv (md5: eb35d803748376a7abc310150cce49a0 )

klbg64.drv (md5: 3422253be14d58ad8712bf405c8fa36d )

 How to test




arkmon.kdl (md5: 7e42de9970b9dd7f0aefb50e11193c8a )

arkmon32.dat (md5: 59999fdb4e252541afc2908fda3416f1 )

arkmon64.dat (md5: 26e8e9528c1d28c7a8c36d43f5538044 )

arkmon32.drv (md5: e2ddd5659311ad1835e5756a950b02a4 )

arkmon64.drv (md5: 53812426f96605ce7466f078bbd38a1c )

mark.kdl (md5: 530e9c942728887785edd7f0e661de43 )

mark32.dat (md5: 9860981c45eecf300eb98a083a028668 )

mark64.dat (md5: 9d4dd27a56cc30bf9f8d558ecfe93ef0 )

mark32.drv (md5: d9a173904a45413ab136f3f749b906b2 )

mark64.drv (md5: 469c046986e9cef73a2f6234477df3ba )


Mod version:

arkmon.kdl (md5: 97d95931d2094a3c18f61b06f7e53096 )

arkmon32.dat (md5: 9def4dc24d4849ea54acd3fbb165f8fb )

arkmon64.dat (md5: 448d0ba42b7dcfd902f878575d49cde8 )

arkmon32.drv (md5: b1045a230a2afe3309532f14bc844ea8 )

arkmon64.drv (md5: c4e91afa5afc23bdc8cc2f6f9400eadf )

mark.kdl (md5: 2b335224da912bcbd9913f988d848f39 )

mark32.dat (md5: 0327f3a5b4679fe4d27e3685af36fe6b )

mark64.dat (md5: b3745f637c7a2b14baad45970e9e2988 )

mark32.drv (md5: bdb97cf6511527dc7e7e0515efd77c1a )

mark64.drv (md5: 5cbc8d07c5ac2bc9e861da676de7ead0 )



1)      Support for Windows 10 RS3

2)      CR 2316315 implemented

3)      Bugfixes (2397202, 2216915, 2217253, 2365844, 2369848)

4)      Modules no longer packed

 How to test


How to update:

Update etc

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May I ask, does the changes for kavbase.dll include a new about 50MB kavbase.xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.kmc database cache? It happened after the module updated.

Does it contain some certain antivirus signatures that rarely modified so that overall performance will be better?


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