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Cryptocurrency Mining and Related Software Constantly Quarantined and Deleted

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I use my computer to mine cryptocurrency on occasion with my graphics cards. I use a program called Nicehash, which is a completely legitimate application provided by Nicehash.com. If Kaspersky is running, it immediately beings pulling files and deleting them, starting with the executable file to start to mining software. I installed this software on my own - it has not been snuck into my machine by some other application. Additionally, I have tried adding it to exclusions and cannot seem to get Kaspersky to realize that I DO NOT want it to destroy the software everytime I run it without Kaspersky being shut off. I understand that many viruses consist of hidden bitcoin mining software that is installed on peoples' machines without them having knowledge of it and that this not only taxes the computer's resources but also generates a lot of money for the criminals that released the virus. I understand why Kaspersky Internet Security software would recognize this as a threat because it must be designed to attack any form of code that appears to be used for mining cryptocurrency. If Kaspersky decided to destroy part of my hardware wallets then I could potentially lose a lot of valuable cryptocurrencies or it may cost me a considerable amount of time to recover the coins from those partially destroyed wallets. I have to keep Kaspersky protection paused nearly all of the time my PC is running out of fear it will destroy something precious to me. I have been a long time user of Kaspersky years back but took a break and just stuck to windows defender or Avast for a few years and now have made the switch back to Kaspersky once again. I am concerned about protecting my PC, my finances, and my identity and I know that by using Kaspersky I am much safer than the average user on the internet.

Is there a way for me to still mine using these applications that many members of the cryptocurrency community have shown to be safe and trustworthy within reason without giving up the protection I paid for? I have tried adding it to exclusions and it does not seem to help whatsoever once the application is fired up. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more information about my machine or the software, please let me know.  I can't be the first person that has brought this problem to your attention, but I could not find another thread about it using the search function.

Thank you for the many years of protection that your software has provided for me and for your attention to my issue.


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