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Wildcards for ignored websites

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Any chance of implementing wildcards for ignored websites in the future?

One annoyance is that we use a website with a huge number of subdomains (as a mixture of domains and server instances) and Kaspersky insists that it either stores or populates fields automatically. In many cases, it has been serious enough to replace important business data with a username, which can get us in trouble.

We can't just add all subdomains and instances into the ignored websites because there is an ever increase number of them and the domains are infinitely big and randomly generated on a frequent basis so our only option is to ignore the top level domain with a wildcard. We would still like to use KPM to log in to a specific subdomain (e.g. login.example.com) so it would be nice to have it so that if there are credentials for the specific domain, it will still identify them for you but all other wildcard ignored domains will be completely ignored for both autofill and new credential identification.

Would love to see this.

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On ‎2017‎-‎08‎-‎21 at 2:22 AM, LukeK said:

An option to prevent auto-fill entirely would be a perfect solution. Is there any such feature to allow this?

Welcome to Lukek : Those are very important ideas to include in future KPM versions

Please send them to suggestions forum: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showforum=12

After open the link..just click the red "Start a new topic" button and type your suggestions

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