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Kaspersky Android Premium on S7: some features missing!!!

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hello everybody,

i currently use kaspersky Premium on my android samsung s7,

however i found that, by installing the premium trial version on other phones (samsung j3 and s3) that i am missing a feature: under the setting ''web protection'' i am missing the entry "scan every connection that your apps make to the web"

Why this?? i see no rational explanation besides that you removed it on phones like S7 or a corrupted installation...


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Hi welcome to the forum.

Kaspersky internet security, scan in "Web Protection" only works in "Supported browsers" like "Chrome" and device browser "Internet"

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yes, i know it only works with chrome and default browser, however that's not what i'm talking about.

look at the screenshots: (red marked) option appears on other phones (samsung s3, j3), meanwhile it doesn't on my samsung s7.  both are premium. so, why???




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Okay well this is Engish speaking forum, so firstly you need to post images with text in Engish.

IN your first post you relate to trial version.

I suggest you uninstall Kaspersky expired trial version reinstall from Google Play Store.


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i wrote down my post in english and i speak it as well, it's not my motherlanguage, however does that mean too much? what's the problem?

clearly i use kaspersky on my language (italian), but i took the screenshots just to point out the feature i'm missing/i'm talking about, i'm sure you can find it in english in your phone as well, or i can translate it to you if you need it.

second: in my samsung s7 i'm using the kaspersky mobile premium version (1 year licence), meanwhile in other phones (samsung s3 and j3) i tried to install the Trial-Premium version just to compare and notice that i'm missing that feature, despite both are Premium versions and both are active! not expired yet!

i just want to know why this 'discrepancy' despite the same situation.

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Hi okay you are missing the point of what i requested.

Never-less you are incorrect, your apps that connect to the internet need to use the default browser which has web protection enabled.

You cannot compare Samsung s3 to Samsung7 phone, as the OS is different hence installation is different but both have same security level..

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