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Hello everyone,

This problem seems to happen to me every single time I sign up for a forum. I've been using my current email to develop my Youtube channel since August 2016 and to registered on forums to get my channel popular. However, right after I activate my membership, there're always spams with different user names filling up my Inbox.

Am I getting infected with some kind of virus?

Many thanks!

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Welcome. Please see: Kaspersky Lab Forum > English User Forum > Virus-related issues > the second (2nd) pinned topic. 
There, you will find instructions for GSI and AVZ logs.

Please see the small print that is located at the bottom of this message. 

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I agree with Rich, that logs could be useful for determining the exact issue. However, you could try a couple of things. 

Despite the concerns for malware (which could obviously be correct), have you tried any methods of solving the problem? Browser reinstall? Browser clean up? Checking if you have any shady plugins? Could help you sort out the issues. 

On another topic, there is also a very high chance, that the forums that you are visiting are leaking/selling information to ad/spam vendors, plenty of forums do that as a way of funding the website's uptime. 

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