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Chrome Sync & Password Manager

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I installed Kaspersky's password manager and it asked me if I wanted to import the passwords of Firefox into it. I didn't have Chrome installed at that time so it didn't give me the option to import Chrome. However, I installed Chrome afterwards.

How do I set it up now so that Kaspersky's password manager is connected to Chrome?

Also important note: Chrome asked me if I want to turn on Chrome Sync etc. after I installed Kaspersky's password manager, I clicked "undo". Was this wise to increase my security?

And will Kaspersky's password manager still work even though I turned this off? Because, whenever I want to enter my password on Firefox, it says " secure keyboard input has been enabled ", however it doesn't say this when I want to enter a password on Chrome.

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Welcome. Please see KPM settings attached.
Kaspersky extensions for Chrome are available in the Chrome Store :

Kaspersky Password Manager : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kaspersky-password-manage/mkaoblbjfmcalcjjaifickaoccjmhlal?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog

Kaspersky Protection : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kaspersky-protection/mchjnmdbdlkdbfliogedbnpnanfjnolk?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog

Regarding 'Chrome Sync' please check in the Chrome settings which options you want to enable/disable.


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Merci for your answer.

I installed the extensions on both of the links.

Everytime I want to log into i.e. my google account on firefox, it says " secure keyboard input has been enabled " in the box where I need to fill in my password. However, it doesn't say this on Chrome. Why is this so?

KPM seems to be working on Chrome. There's a little key next to the password box, if I click on it, I can choose between different e-mail addresses, and if I click on the right one, the password is filled in automatically. However, after I log in, there's a small window in my browser saying: "Do you want Google Chrome to save your password for this site?". Does this pop-up belong to KPM or is this solely Chrome?

If its' the latter... do you recommend to answer "no" if I want better security?


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You are welcome...

Can you please check your settings : Additional > Secure Data Input.

The small window belongs to Chrome , personally i deny this option and  rely exclusively on KPM.

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On-screen keyboard:
- Open on-screen keyboard by typing ctrl+alt+shift+p
- Show quick launch icon in data entry fields
Secure keyboard input:
- Enable secure keyboard input

All 3 are enabled.

When I click on "edit categories", all are enabled except for "Internet communication media"


I don't really know what "secure keyboard input has been enabled" means, but it still doesn't show up in Chrome. Need to look into how to use KPM correctly.

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