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move pc from one licence to another licence

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Hi, I have two licences for Total Security. One licence for one pc and one licence for three pc's. On the licence for the three pc's I used initially also three pc's but for over two years now do I use on this licence only two pc's. Foir the sake of good order, in the overview in My Kapersky are still three pc's are listed but one of them is not used. Does not even exist anymore since it is scrapped.

The licence for one pc I bought that time for my daughter. A week ago I got a message from Kaspersky for automatic renewal of this one pc licence. However, since I use on the other licence only two pc's I like to cancel the one pc only licence and transfer this pc to the three pc licence since I have one spot for it left over. How to do this? Can I remove one of the listed pc's on the three pc licence and add the pc from the one pc licence to the three pc licence? Hope everything is still clear for you.


Thank in advance for your help and best regards,



Screenshot Kapsersky.jpg

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