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Virus infected installation file icon

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After downloading any software, the software icon appears like .exe fiel icon. noy like setup.exe icon. While i double click the icon to install the software kaspersky detect Riskware:Hidden install. If i press deny.......then sometimes KIS asks to delete it or shows object not found......then asks to roll back system change. However, install carries on at the same time. And after installation icon became ok. What is the prob? My all installation file icon creates the same prob. I scanned my computer thoroughly........but at that time KIS couldn't find any infection.

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yeah it happens to all of my installation files. Jus now i scanned a installation file through kaspersky file scanner. Here is the report:


If you would like to scan your entire computer for viruses, please use our free virus scan.




Kaspersky Anti-Virus has detected a virus in the file you have submitted.


We suggest that you consider:


Reading about the virus/viruses in our Virus Encyclopedia


Downloading a trial version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus


Purchasing a copy of Kaspersky Anti-Virus in our E-Store


Purchasing Kaspersky Anti-Virus from a certified partner



Scanned file: RealPlayer10-5GOLD.exe - Infected


RealPlayer10-5GOLD.exe - infected by




Known viruses: 307661 Updated: 01-05-2007

File size (Kb): 213 Virus bodies: 1

Files: 1 Warnings: 0

Archives: 0 Suspicious: 0





But i scanned my computer throughly, KIS can't detect any virus at the scanning time. However, while clicking the detects and quarintine successfully. But look still the file is infected!.....Wat could i do?

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