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Database Uploads and Full Scans run all day long.

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No matter what time I set the database uploads or scans, they run all day long. When they run my internet and all other programs, actually are slowed to a hault.

I have to turn Kaspersky off if I want to get any work done! :angry:

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I have the same problems when doing the full scan.  It never ends really.  The indicator of the scan would supposedly wind down to  zero minutes and end the scan but when it reaches the " 6 minutes left" indicator, instead of  getting to zero minute it reverses and, it goes up to 7 minutes left, 8 minutes left,  9 minutes left, etc and then the number of files scanned got  almost static and in a trickle, barely increases.  It could  take the whole day to end the full scan which never did!  I have to stop the fullscan always because it never stopped!  What is the problem of the Kaspersky Internet Security anti-virus applications?  Please help!

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Welcome. Please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions are located in the third (3rd) pinned topic. 

Please see the small print that is located at the bottom of this message. 

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