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I've got a problem here with App.Control and I really need someone who knows KIS Application Control well, because I think it's a serious problem. Have been almost all weekend figuring it out and have found others on the internet also who have a lot of trouble to set App. Control with the App. Rules up but I think there is a programming problem with it...


Look automatically, Kasper will handle the case very well, but because I'm still on Xp and know something about IT, because I try a lot of programs out in my spare time, I came up with the idea to exchange Comodo Firewall with ESET AV for KIS 2017. CF was dropping too much with their new Firewall 10 program on XP and ESET was 2 years old. Always worked well but it was time for the top and that is Kaspersky. I've checked and setup KIS completely in the weekend outside of Application Control. Anyone who has programmed it may start to start all over again because I thought to setup everything in App Control so that I can overrule Kasper automatic response because I perfectly know my computer with associated +300 programs and my intention was to setup all programs running by default on the PC and the programs that I regularly boot to use, so that all programs are placed default into Restriction "Low Restricted" without internet acces. I always think that a program does not need all the trust rules to work normally and all the rules that I can leave on asked or blocked, is a better protection in the case if it where compromised by some malware, exploit… But Kasper sets al the unknown programs to the trust zone and that I cannot understand why? Trust zone has full access over my pc…


So, I want to put my known and unknown programs standard in the Low Restricted Zone without internet access and I thought to set them one by one through the Application Rules to allow all the rules that this program requires just to function normal with all the rest of the rules that it does not need on ask or blocked. The system is than a little more safer in my eyes than the automatic control of unknown programs to the trust Zone (Full access to the system without any restrictions -> Standard action of KIS) which I do not think it's obvious to do because why needs a simple program that has only a few permissions necessary to function normally, must have full access to the system ('Trust' Zone) which makes that it has no restrictions? This is not smart or I see this wrong?


So so said, so done and according the information on the Kasper site regarding the KIS 2017 manual should this be perfect possible to setup as I wish but in practice this does not work at all. The PROBLEM is that KIS is constantly messing up the programs that I have setup through the App. Rules after a restart of the system and this when I have checked all the automatic interferences OFF in the App. Control. (-> So the two options in the App.Control screen unchecked, trust group of unknown programs on manually and both the default zone on Low Restricted so the unknown programs ends in the zone 'Low Restricted').


But KIS keeps stubbornly changing those files themselves after the computer is restarted and I can start it from scratch again. This is the PROBLEM and this should NOT be allowed because in fact it is very simple. KIS can do everything automatically until the user makes an adjustment and KIS should then stay away from changing the group and the rules of the program when there is NO problem, but no ... KIS just keeps the programs adjusting and changing their place where I keep getting stuck here with all the popups and with all the actions of all those programs to be repeated again. This is not normal!?


How now do they see this at Kasper itself because I'm not the only one with this problem? My intention is to setup every program with as little permission as possible to actually function, but I cannot do that if KIS is always able to customize those progs after I have restarted the system or when I start the program back up after a system restart. Not all the programs but the most part of them and I cannot get my head around why it does not work like I want it? What if there is an unknown program on my PC that KIS does not know, but it is not very good. KIS default is to sit it up into the Zone ‘Trust’ where it has full access to my system. This cannot be. I would like to know exactly how I can setup App. Control of KIS 2017 so that rules of each program that I have set myself remain like I set it up and that KIS stays off it. Have all the weekend gone through all the possibilities that I have come up with (making own subgroups, put everything back on Trust, and then customize them separately in the trust zone via App. Control-> Managa Apps., and so on...) but I do not get it that every program that I personally setup with all the restrictions will not remain the same as I've set it up after a restart. Even if I make a subgroup under Trust with all permission from the Trust Zone EXEPT internet access and let them there come in, this subgroup will be deleted after each PC startup. That subgroup is just deleted so there is clear something wrong about it! Who can check this for me and if I'm wrong to explain this to me clearly how to do this exactly like I have in mind because, according to the online manual, I'm doing it right, OR very soon reviewing the App.control with the experts of Kasper and make it much simpler so that when a user adjusts something of a rule, that rule stays in place. Kasper can still check it out of course if it does something suspicious but not adjust it if I have set it up and the program is super safe. Even if it is an unknown program.


Kind regards,


Kevin z. From Belgium


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I had contact with Kaspers Technical Support Center and they tell me:


Status update for customer


We apologize for the delayed response, partly caused by the weekend-.


Thanks for the feedback!


After reading the forum (However this is not an official channel for us) it is clear that there is a problem with the "remember" by the set up. Which you choose is known by 1855393 bug number (this is along our side through internal channels confirmed). There are currently two similar cases resolved (more specifically: the problem was not to reproduce) with the 2018 version. Since we still have no English version available, I can currently only the 2018 version in English:


(important: first remove the 2017 version, reboot and then install only the 2018 version)


• KIS 2018: _ftp://EEMEA... <deleted>


There would be asked for a password and user name:


Username: <deleted>

Password: <deleted>


Only that I want to make: it could be that the manual adjustments for folders/registry keys have a similar problem, this is known bug number 1977383 (this last is not yet known to what patch/version it is treated).


Then I will, now your question is clear, inquire how it would


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So 2017 has two big bugs and 2018 has one big bug. So I don't understand what they are doing at Kasper! Why is this a great product when we have problems with this? I have now KIS 2016 and there are also bugs in it with App. Control but these are minor but now I have the problem that the Firewall has a bug. When I have more connections with the internet like opening the Firefox browser and I have more then 4 tabs open I lost connection with the browser. But only Firefox so I can download ect. and when I want to restart FF it hangs so I need to close it trough Task Manger. And I have test it many times and when I disable the Firewall I have no problems at all. Even when downloading with 4kdownloader it hangs after a few downloads and disable the Firewall and no problems. So what's up with that? I can not go on like this and if I get no fix for this I turn my back on KIS because this is not the way to go. More problems than anything else and I have other things to do!


Kind Regards,


kevin z. from Belgium

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Did you try to reproduce on the version that Tech Support had provided for you?

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