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Windows 7: Internet blocked for unprotected accounts

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Family Windows 7 Ultimate desktop; multiple accounts: child is using restricted user account, I'm using administrator account; child's account is Kaspersky-Kids protected, mine isn't.


We don't do much on this computer: browsing via Chrome pretty much narrows it down. I occasionally get to experience Chrome unable to get online, even though I'm connected: I can ping my home router, I can ping websites out there (via command-line interface), but Chrome spins until it times out. I log out and back in: same problem. I reboot - works (until the next random time). And this isn't just a few websites: it's the browser and it's everything (I can't even get to my router's admin page, while I can ping/telnet-80 it over CLI at the same time). So, I doubt is't something external like firewall acting up or my router/modem/ISP acting up. Strange, I couldn't quickly figure it out; and I didn't spend too much time troubleshooting, to be honest: each time it happens I'm in some kind of a hurry to look something up online and leave (so, getting frustrating a little).


The problem could be anything (not necessarily Kaspersky-related), but it coincidentally started occurring after I installed this product (a week ago approximately). If there are any local logs created by your product, I'll be happy to locate them and send them over.


Thanks for reading!

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Firstly lets figure out what is the software related to the issue. You can boot the PC in Clean Boot Mode and check the issue.

Then, if the issue does not appears, boot the PC in Clean Boot Mode with one additoinal app launched. Go on, till you figure out the app related to the issue.


If the issue related to KSK, then create a request to Tech support via https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create

And we help you to collect logs in correct way.


Thank you!

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