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Alexander Ilin

Beta Testing MR14

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If you want to get beta builds:

1. Send me PM with your Google account

2. NOT TRY UPGRADE MR14 (11.14.x.x) ON MR13 (11.13.x.x) when you installed beta. Google Play sometimes will show "upgrade" for you but you must wait information from me about new beta.


Bug report example:

1. Main screen -> Scan button

2. Scan type selector appears

3. Tap on Quick scan button


Quick scan starts


Scan starts with 100500 minutes delay


Release notes

• A new feature - App Lock, which allows you to protect the selected applications using a secret code

• Changes to the recovery functionality of the secret code. Now, the secret code is reset when you receive data from the My Portal account. In case there is no Internet connection, a secret code will reset with the recovery code from MyKaspersky portal.

• Improved function "Scan of applications connected to the Internet": fixed the problem in which it was sometimes impossible to access sites

• Update graphs and illustrations.


Builds peculiarity:

— Special license type. It's not compatible with paid license.

— Enabled logging. It means: *.log files in storage and some lags of product

— Debug versions of libraries. It means: apk take more space, products takes more memory


If you want returns on stable builds:

1. Leave testing of MR14. URL you can find in your email

2. Uninstall MR14

3. Install MR13 from GPlay

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