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SystemWatcher, Avengine, Klavemu/Kimul, Qscan, Klsihk, oSSL, VAPM modules release

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We are asking you to test SystemWatcher, Avengine, Klavemu/Kimul, Qscan, Klsihk, oSSL, VAPM modules update

Update available from: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/iro/


Release date:

27 march 2017


Update description:



klavasyswatch.dll fcc0ba12e5eb275afdc7447431f2f7a4

sw2.xms f88f2da4f1f93a7bbf063f990aef826c


klavasyswatch.dll 4b21611df38d7119035ad3a8ed37bdc6

sw2.xms b5612c6eb5ad1995025f63f9368bbc43



Improvements of detection mechanisms

Improvements of rollback mechanisms





avengine.dll MD5: 8c5674dfc3aeb36eca46c32ef3dabf3f

avengine.dll (mod) MD5: 486efd588e295cfc094dcfd9d8a5bd07



Use 64-bits drvcommlib

Send Statistics about crash/loop

Fix Access to uninitialized UserData is treated as error

Fix crash




klavemu.kdl (x86, unmod) Version: MD5: 4DD8CA4E32BA9A815122A7D6187EBCF9

klavemu.kdl (x86, mod) Version: MD5: D3DDD965DAABB7BB2F01527A2EC33E43

kimul32.dat (x86, unmod) MD5: DC89E8B35AADF3EF385B4F6EE88C2139

kimul32.dat (x86, mod) MD5: C8CB3DFFB1F4649BDCF148B4552317F0

kimul64.dat (x64, unmod) MD5: D80EF5AE0CC06388345436E1BF1310B7

kimul64.dat (x64, mod) MD5: 3C50DE42D2C27238CF0A304FBEF656C0

klavemu.kdl (x64) Version: MD5: 90F4B893B318D1C95C3021718284141E



Antiemulation fix

Breakpoint fix





kavsys.kdl 81635c7e1e402ff1a2aa6892b6b8aa4e

klark32.dat bfed94be593af5bfd8774b8f65721772

klark32.drv c004ab94bf03d65709c1af241eca482b

klark64.dat d0ca30ff2bbad75c896991c0c99e87a7

klark64.drv 522b0f138776268efd0cfbeba0948671

klbg32.dat 21b2c0160508eb44cfa9ffa255145b97

klbg32.drv 09dfae84d269aac678cec29fd7dd5e25

klbg64.dat 1220234bb9aad667d5a29c4edfbc85a1

klbg64.drv eb34bea2f8ef2dd8416790f60c4b6600

qscan.kdl dd4f417391612d56db09188b49bfc20e



kavsys.kdl 01d412f28fd90bb2c6e64bb7decb436c

klark32.dat 06e8242920b7b20beb469744dc2db08e

klark32.drv 69486ff046699188b39bb40c656d7dc0

klark64.dat d8a70338e6dc8e92c9475ff579743c00

klark64.drv 2d1f11053bfac6dda9b5c33db0c92509

klbg32.dat 154ff0f507800df89d86bf0cb6b3d7fb

klbg32.drv b403c8604820b2257057b20127286e12

klbg64.dat 514074a875086709753bf85a569e5a69

klbg64.drv acd52d65d7f2314b070dfeeb7d6e2a2e

qscan.kdl 0617639063e7a7f7d86d6497f5be4888



Bugfix for driver cure

Optimized ODS scan in multicleanup mode

Optimized WinSxS scan

Hardlink scan fix

Bugfixes and internal improvements

Fixed scan hang on AD in KVRT product under Win10 RS2.




klsihk.dll f9c9b15bbb7494e92edc8a48abebb6a5

klsihk64.dll 85fac8b134a576da675bf5670511b7cf

klsihk64l.dll dff9c3a9f2685689436b7fe2d4355c1b



Fix for Chrome 0xc0000142 error

Removed SSE2 instructions




crypto_ssl.dll (md5: cb8c2aa16b277ad0b932d65a311efcb3)

ssleay32.dll (1.0.2k md5: 0a21c01cb71df554c7a566770b14933e) (for KAVKIS2016 MR1)

libeay32.dll (1.0.2k md5: 4990a69c06812d3d671a27ef2f757599) (for KAVKIS2016 MR1)

crypto_ssl.dll (1.0.2k md5: cb8c2aa16b277ad0b932d65a311efcb3)

crypto_ssl.dll x64 (1.0.2k md5: cd64ca59880830e6f5bf88ba7fa2878e) (for SDK x64 only)



New oSSL 1.0.2k




vapm.dll ( hash: dd452eaca7cf6838be43944c572b66bf





How to test:

FAQ about testing:








Update etc.

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I have updated these testing modules

so far,I found nothing wrong.

If something happened,i will report at once

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Very happy to report that I found no problem using these testing modules.


I have run many tasks: installed some apps, reboot PC, update windows, play games, surf the internet and watch online videos.


As far as I concern, they are quite stable and smmoth.

Ran system watcher test tool. detection/rollback proceed without error.

Quick scan runs qiuckly,heurstic detection never gone mad.

Safe money and anti-screenshot Functioning, chrome got no crash.

avp process runs stable,also no crash.

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I once thought test/iro/ is only used for modules testing,until I havs just got a 47MB patch a.

surprise! :D

Now I use beta modules and beta patch.Feels likes doing Extreme sports :post-7989-1194626099:

Edited by xzz123

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Is it released now?


Yes, released to certain amount of random users, increasing day by day to 100%.

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Hello! KL's updates now about 1 month again have SSE2 instructions and so don't support non-SSE2 processors. But KL home users' products don't have this official system requirement on main product's page.

Non-SSE2 processor. Trying to setup any home build 2016-17 with integrated bases after November 25 '2016, and having error: 'broken' setup files. Setup any early 2015-17 build without choose option downloading new build is without error, but having error when 98% updated, and KIS is crashing when re-run after this 'broken' updating. All browsers crashes when run after it.

Problem was decided in March 2017 but it's again in bases now from public or any test (dnl-test. /test/iro or dnl-01.geo. or etc.) KL server.

Also read https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=362980

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Also on my side:


KIS (h) was running well until easter this year. Then I were away on leave and came back at home after easter realizing that KIS made new patch update and KIS was no more running after that because the KIS service starts and after a short time it breaks itself and restarts itself again - an endless loop.

This error behavior concerns all the new patched versions (as far as I have tested it on my system) of KIS 2015, 2016 and 2017. So there is no chance for me by using alternative version. Only to stay with an working unpatched version (e.g. KIS 16.0.614 h) which must not get any new patches and/or signature updates.


Up to now I have uninstalled KIS on my Win7 system and instead installed Microsoft Security Essentials which works very fine on my none-SSE2 system. Also I have installed an additional Personal Firewall to check/control the network traffic. This also works very well.


So what should I say now: Kaspersky please come back to me???


Badly that I have a KIS license of 176 rest days and a KAV unused license of 365 days. 'Damned' patching virus!! Sorry.

I'm tired of beta-testing nonSSE2-compatibility year for year, patch for patch.

Edited by ErnstK

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As I had asked for nonSSE2 continuance I've got following answer at first:


Guten Tag, ErnstK,


Benutzer Taras Zakrepa hat gleich im Thema geantwortet, das Sie abonniert haben. Thema: "Update APU, APD, Kjim, klavemu, kimul.drv, oSSL, SystemWatcher, VLNS3".



QUOTE(ErnstK @ 25.01.2017 21:08) If possible, please provide me with message when released update is available by public server. Because of total system freezing when I make current update by public server. This concerns the Win7 system with KIS2016 as also the WinXP system with KAV2017.



P.S.: Is there any ensurance on Kaspersky side that all modules will be created nonSSE2 compatible in future? Otherwise Kaspersky should officially discontinue the nonSSE2 compatibility.



Sure, you'll be notified. Kaspersky products should remain nonSSE2 compatible as you can see, the fixes being applied as a reaction to your needs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------


Link zum Thema: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...view=getnewpost


Look also the afterwards corrected answer under: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=2670056

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