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Vitaly Kravtsov

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Dear Friends,


Kaspersky Lab is announcing the release of beta version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.0 for Linux Beta (


Testing is scheduled for 27.01.2017 - 27.02.2017 (activation required to work after 05.02.2017)

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.0 for Linux Beta is designed to provide protection, of file servers and desktops running under Linux operating system.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.0 for Linux Beta allows to:


* Ensure real-time protection of the file system against malicious code intercept and analyze attempts to access files, disinfect and delete infected objects

* Scan objects on-demand: search infected and suspicious files (including files in the specified scan scopes); analyze files; disinfect or delete infected files

* Create a copy of an infected object in the backup storage before disinfect or delete attempt to make it possible to restore such an object

* Update the anti-virus databases; the database could be updated from the Kaspersky Lab's updates servers, the Customer update server, the Kaspersky Security Center server or from a local folder

* Control and configure Kaspersky Anti-Virus using the command-line and Kaspersky Security Center.




To learn more about system requirements, installation procedure and known issues, please check attached release notes.





1) Regular activities and check the performance, such as working with network shares, different OAS/ODS configuration


2) Try to use our new scanning tasks - boot and memory scan. You can run it with -W key to see what it does:

/opt/kaspersky/kav4fs/bin/kav4fs-control --start-task 4 -W

/opt/kaspersky/kav4fs/bin/kav4fs-control --start-task 5 -W


In case of ThreatDetected event - please, report!


3) If you want to use network Proxy, you can change during installation or via global application settings:

To review global settings

/opt/kaspersky/kav4fs/bin/kav4fs-control --get-app-settings


To change proxy settings:

/opt/kaspersky/kav4fs/bin/kav4fs-control --set-app-settings UseProxy=Yes ProxyServer=user:password@


4) You should not be root user anymore to run scan-file command:

/opt/kaspersky/kav4fs/bin/kav4fs-control --scan-file /tmp


5) Try our new Kaspersky Security Center management plugin - how it works, reports and user expirience.

It was completely reworked, what do you like? What can be done better?

If you want to use Kaspersky Security Center as update distribution server, ensure that Kaspersky Security Center downloads databases from http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/iro/







Password: 0b0RpN3K94uD035




.\kav4fs-beta_10.0.0-3150_amd64.deb – DEB x64

.\kav4fs-beta_10.0.0-3150_i386.deb – DEB x32

.\kav4fs-beta-10.0.0-3150.i386.rpm – RPM x32

.\kav4fs-beta-10.0.0-3150.x86_64.rpm – RPM x64

.\klnagent\klnagent_10.1.1-24_i386.deb – DEB klnagent (for integration with KSC)

.\klnagent\klnagent-10.1.1-24.i386.rpm – RPM klnagent (for integration with с KSC)

.\kav4fs-beta.zip – for remote installation task via KSC

.\plugin_10.0.138\en-US\klcfginst.msi – plugin for KSC 10.2 and higher - English version.

.\md5sums – for checksum verification.


Please note that these links may not work in Google Chrome browser.




a. Issue description, scenario to reproduce;

b. System information

c. Screenshots and video;




Please kindly inform us on forum if you don't have any problems with installing or KES10 for Linux

This information will be also useful for us.


Please inform us about that in the proper forum branch: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showforum=558




The most active participants will be awarded with KL special prizes!


Thank You and stay safe!

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