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I have only had KIS 2016 installed for 16 days and I am already starting to notice problems with my computer randomly slowing down.


The first time I noticed it was when I was streaming Netflix. The video started to judder and stop. I opened Task Manager, noticed the high memory usage and saw that there was a scan running. I waited for the scan to finish and left it for 10 minutes, but nothing changed, I took a screen grab and rebooted the computer.


It happened again today while browsing on chrome, but no scan was running.


I also get 'high disk usage' with corsairlink4.service at the same time as the memory problems. I have never had a problem with this before installing KIS.


Any suggestions would be most welcome.


My Rig.

CPU: i5 4670k @ 4.2 GHz


GPU: GTX 980 Ti

PSU: AX 760i

Windows 10


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