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KTS16 Apparently Blocking Win10 from Updating

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Well, what a merry dance KTS16 has led me over the last couple of months!


I'm using a pc updated to Win10 Home from Win8.1, along with KTS16(d). A couple of months ago I noticed Win10 home (pre vs 1511) wasn't updating either automatically or manually. After a couple of weeks of this I reinstalled Win 8.1 and then Win 10 (which took two days, including my own programs).

After the initial updates, during installation, Win 10 again stopped updating. After a couple of weeks I reinstalled Win 10 only but again it stopped updating (a day gone doing that). Last weekend, after again no updates auto or manually, I reinstalled win8.1 and win 10, which by now is on vs 1511. again no updates until today.


I couldn't think why it kept stopping updating, because I'm using all the same progs from when it was updating two or three months ago. However, I tried turning off KTS16 and unchecking load at boot, exiting and then rebooting, and running windows update again. You've guessed it: Windows updated perfectly. Therefore, I then restarted KTS, rebooted and now don't expect to be able to update

windows again unless I disable kasp again. What a pain.


The next thing of course is to determine which bit of KTS is the culprit by turning bits off one at a time. The problem with that is that I don't know when microsoft will be issuing updates, therefore, all I can think to do is leave it for a week between disabling each kts component - at that rate it could take months!

Therefore, anyone any ideas which components I could try disabling first as the likely culprits.


I could supply a GSI report but note that I've reinstalled win10 three times now with it happening after each install, so any thoughts on that?



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I have seen a tiny amount of reports for this issue in all of the language sections of this forum. Maybe two topic threads recently.


This is a very important issue, so you should contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/en/support/helpdesk


Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request:


a. Description of the issue.

b. Screenshot, as needed.

c. GSI



Please also post your current GSI link here.

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Thanks richbuff, I'll do the GSI report and contact them tomorrow.


Oddly, it's good to know that it's not just my pc setup that's the problem.



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A quick update.


Win10 (vs 1511) updated automatically this morning. Perhaps unchecking load at start-up and turning KTS16 off, rebooting so KTS16 is not running, then enabling it and checking load at start-up, then rebooting so KTS16 runs again, is a simple workaround until the reason for it apparently stopping win10 from updating can be determined.


There's probably no point in providing a GSI at present as whatever may have been preventing updating may not currently be present. If the problem reoccurs I'll contact tech support with appropriate info at that time.



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