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I was just about to upgrade from KIS 2015 to 2016 when I found in the user documentation that the list of data automatically collected by KIS 2016 (i.e. when the user is not signed up to the KSN programme) has been expanded to include the following:


"Information about the installed version of the operating system, the computer name on the network and the user



Information related to the user's activity on the computer (date and time of the activity, initiated processes,

active windows)


Information about websites visited and search queries in the browser


Information about the hardware and software installed on the computer"


It would seem that while KIS 2016 is being marketed partly on the basis of increased privacy protection, Kaspersky itself is now automatically taking more private data from users. I am now reluctant to upgrade to 2016 if in doing so I consent to Kaspersky knowing about every app I use, every window I open, every site I visit and even every search term I use. This is a serious change in the licensing agreement from KIS 2015, and I am sure many other users (who may have skipped through the agreement) will share my concern.


Although the licensing agreement in the pdf states: "Kaspersky Lab uses any received information in anonymized form and as general statistics only", the expanded full conditions shown here: http://support.kaspersky.com/12138 make it clear that Kasperksy will take unique computer identifiers.


Have I misread something? Is there a way to disable automatic data sending? Or is this a new direction for Kaspersky that users must now have to live with?


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Thankyou too for the interesting paper.

The only sure thing about Win10 is to install a related antispy software (many choices). I stay well with 7 except hide every time since last months fake important patch related to telemetry.

Howewer @squiresc has a litle bit right, EULA of 2016 is more invasive than 2015. Surfing with "Incognito mode" except for Kaspersky Lab :rolleyes::-)

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In "Private Browsing" module You may untick: "Allow data collection on the websites of Kaspersky Lab and its partners" ;)

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Good answer and unticked since the beginning :b_lol1:

Hope that all the surfing infomations related to point 6.4 of KIS 2016 EULA referred to this and another unticked options in the settings; but I'm not so sure of this...


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