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Download Kaspersky Safe Kids for iOS here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kaspersky-s...8?ls=1&mt=8



Before you start to use the application, you must register an account for My Kaspersky. Upon registration must be given a valid e-mail, which should be confirmed.

Kaspersky Safe Kids can operate in two modes: the parent and child. Mode cannot be changed without re-installing the product.

Parental mode

Parental mode is set on the device and allows parents to monitor activity connected to the account of children.

To activate parental mode you should log into your existing My Kaspersky account, select the parent mode and tap Start Monitoring.

Kid Mode

Kid Mode installed on the child’s device and allows parents to remotely monitor all activity of the child, such as use of applications, web activity and location.

To turn kid mode on you should log into your My Kaspersky parent account and either select a child from the existence of, or create a new one. To create new one you should just specify child’s name and date of birth.

On iOS devices a configuration profile should be installed. By the way, after changing settings pertaining to the Internet, the application will need to remove the old profile and install the new one, it will show detailed instructions on how to do it. PIN-code to delete the profile is always available in the child’s device tab on the portal center.kaspersky.com.

NOTE: After selecting the option to delete the Kaspersky profile, you need to enter the Apple Device PIN first.




Kaspersky Safe Kids Parent mode interface contains a variety of settings to control and limit the actions of the child on the device.

With Kaspersky Safe Kids, installed on parent’s phone or tablet, parent can view the rules for the child, such as bans on certain sites categories or limits of the device usage.

Restrictions can be set only on center.kaspersky.com. Parent can disable visiting some websites or opening certain applications. Also parent may limit the time use of the device, in case of over-limit device will be blocked.

Also on the website, you can set up allowed for child perimeter.

Kaspersky Safe Kids on the device allows parent to see the location of children and instantly receive notifications if child abuse given perimeter. Also location is displayed on the portal center.kaspersky.com.



Kaspersky Safe Kids for iOS in the children's mode is a browser that fully replaces Safari.




To take full advantage of Kaspersky Safe Kids, log into the portal center.kaspersky.com to your My Kaspersky account and go to tab Children.


In Settings tab all the valid rules are set:

Internet - a global setting to enable control of the child's activity in the Internet and point configuration with respect to each categories of sites

Program - the same function as the Internet tab, but for applications. Also here you can configure blocking software on age limits as recommended by Google Play and the App Store.

Time use - setting available only after the children's devices are connected to your account. In contrast to Internet settings, and programs, time management individually for each specific device.

For Android devices, you can set the time use on a schedule or simply set aside some amount of time available. For iOS only statistics is available.

Where a child - for each child device parent can select a safe area, indicating the time at which a child should there be, for example, all weekdays from 8:00 to 12:00 child should be in school. If a child violates the established boundaries, the parent receives notification.

In the Summary and Reports tabs aggregated statistics about the use of children of their devices can be viewed, and in the Profile tab parent can control the children's account: change the photo or date of birth, if a mistake when creating a profile. Children account can be deleted, but only on condition that he not only.

The portal has the ability to view the notifications to parents and here you can choose to receive these notifications to the parent device.




1. When using Warning blocking, sites do not open on the first try (redirections, third-level domains).



New certificates should be installed when you turn off Web protection with disconnection lock applications by age.

List of installed applications is not displayed on the portal. Cannot use the black / white lists of applications.

Only Latin characters should be used in account.

When you delete Safe Kids profile is not removed. You should delete it manually.

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