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Sergey Korzukhin

[FAQ] UDS update testing

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This is a mini-FAQ for uds.dll update testing.


Test collection:

none available


Affected products:

KAVKIS2013 MP0 (

KAVKIS2013 MP1 (

KAVKIS2014 (

KAVKIS2015 (

KAVKIS2015 MR1 (

KAVKIS2015 MR2 (

KAVKIS2016 (

KAVKIS2016 MR1 (


Pure2 (

Pure3 (

Pure4 (

Pure5 (


KFP 3.5 (

KFP 4 (


KES8 CF1 (

KES8 CF2 (

KES10 (

KES10MR1 (

KES10SP1 (

KES10SP1 MR1 (

KES10SP1 MR2 (

KES10SP1 MR3 (

KSS3 (

KSS2 (



LA ( RC6 MR1)


LA (

KAVSDK (,,,,,,



OS coverage

The products should be tested with supported OSes.


VM or real PC?

If you can, it is better to perform tests on physical computers (not VMWare or Virtual PC).

Also it would be useful if you could find in your office computers with different network configuration (proxy, VPN etc.) and perform tests on them.


Before testing:

Enable complete memory dump:

XP: http://support.kaspersky.com/general/dumps/6200

Vista: http://support.kaspersky.com/general/dumps/2142

Win7: http://support.kaspersky.com/general/dumps/7989

Win8+: http://support.kaspersky.com/general/dumps/10659


Short test-plan:

• Install Product from the list to PC

• Make sure that "I agree to participate in Kaspersky Security Network" was enabled during installation process

• Set Update mode for Product to Manual

• Enable Traces : Support>>Support tools >> Enable traces

• Update from default source and reboot

• Change update source to the test one and perform update once again

• Check that uds.dll exists in Product`s “Bases” folder

• Check that uds.dll version matches one from release description (File Properties >> Details>>File version)

• Check that Network connection is availiable for current workstation

• Check that there is no dumps.

• Perform some scanning of files from your PC

• Reboot and check there is no dumps.

• Perform some scanning of files from your PC

• Check there is no dumps.

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