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First of all I hate motion smilies, how can I be rid of them?


Now, for why I'm here this forum and some other sites shared a password that was recently compromised, not by this site. I changed my password to

hQPoZ%Mpd2Xw6rjFS7VQjLlhyXMBE3uDiQ20jWJ^Gd%gMFH&^HzvhOT0LPiziH*!ETu@IZcz3OVUCVaKWj&K$nJxN@ECoV!258yw and the forum acted like everything was fine. I logged out and attempted to log back in and the site told me my password was to long. The site wouldn't tell me how long my password was allowed to be. I hit the forgot password link and found the capatcha very difficult to work with, I probably had to enter it more than half a dozen times before it accepted one for no particular reason. Then the forum emailed me a secure password, but in the clear, that's fine, but then it didn't have me change the password on login. Now I need to change my password again but you give me no hint as to what the password limit is. In this day of security breaches (I've had 7 accounts compromised in the past two years, not counting heartbleed) and password managers you should be allowing passwords well beyond 100 characters.


Darn! You can't even handle a 40 character password like cD69RwjzHvrJiXCngs^U$xa%YBgO#y$w$#H2VV#b same problem!

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Your profile -> Board settings -> Do you wish to view images in posts, such as smilies and posted images? -> set "No"



You can hover on '?' links while registering:


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