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avp.exe stuck at 50% CPU usage

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Hello there,


Here I am to report a problem. I'm using KIS 2013 on a Windows XP SP3 with more-than-enough hardware to support that. For a few days now, avp.exe is permanently stuck at 50% CPU usage as soon as my computer starts. I disabled Rootkit and Idle analysis (? - I'm using French interface, screen here).


I did not install any program nor did my computer crash or something similar before this problem occured. There was a windows update, maybe a KIS update, but I can't recall if this problem appeared right after them or not.

I'm using regular updates only, no Beta.


Any clues ?


Here is my GSI

About those 55 "unknown" found :

- Opera was running in background

- Firebird was also running

- SRWUpdater is a game.



Thanks a lot !

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For the record, I have also experienced this issue with KAV 2013 ( and Windows XP SP3. It only occurs ocasionally. But when it does occur, I have to reboot in order to get avp.exe to return to normal CPU utilization. Without the reboot, avp.exe will continue to utilize the CPU at 50% indefinitely.

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I did not try yet, as I actually managed to reproduce the problem.

I'm also using version


In fact, avp.exe doesn't hang at startup. I managed to make it hang in two cases : while compiling some code on Visual Studio 2005 and playing a game through Steam. Neither action used to create this problem before. The program I'm compiling does not do anything special, it's only some very basic code with no network or unsafe activity.


I'll try your solution soon, I just wanted to report these extra information.


EDIT : as soon as avp is stuck at 50%, there is no way to shut it down. The application itself goes away from the taskbar or notification bar, but avp process is still there.

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