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KAV/KIS 2014 - Beta testing begins

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Good day, colleagues.


Allow me to introduce you a new version of KAV/KIS 2014!


What's new:

1. Optimization of the user interface, settings, etc. according to the custom research.

2. Touch Screen support.

3. More banks and web stores support.

4. The ability to select the browser when working with Safe Money.

5. Connected Standby Technology Support.

6. Reduced computer resources usage.

* It's not all – we will be reporting about new features added.


Known problems:

1. User interface is not completed (details are in the topic «KAV/KIS 2014 - Polling: New GUI»).

2. Reports are not completed.

3. More detailed info will be presented to the appropriate Bug-report topics.


We want to call your attention to:

1. New GUI: positives and negatives (see the topic «KAV/KIS 2014 - Polling: New GUI»).

2. Hangs and crashes of product and OS (in work, standby and others).

3. Product compatibility with third-party software (see topic "KAV/KIS 2014 - Compatibility").

4. Availability of basic functional and components (enable/disable, detecting, capturing, etc).

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