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Some question about kespersky internet security?

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Hi I am a user of kespersky internet security I have some question about kespersky internet security:-

1 what can i do with the copy of kespersky updates?

2 What can i do if kespersky found threats in my computer?

3 Can i run infected programs using kespersky safe run for programs?

3 Am i don't need to worry about phishing using kespersky safe run for websites?


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i am using KIS 2012(1 yr subscription) & reinstalled it today.i had checked the option of copy updates & selected a folder on D drive.after reinstalling i used the local updates folder on D drive to update kaspersky & it was successful with database showing release date showing today's date.however after re-selecting the kaspersky servers as the update source & rechecking "copy update options" to same local folder on D drive when i updated again it took ~1.5 hr & ~160mb.i don't get it.is it something on my side or kaspersky always does this on 1st update after selecting the copy updates option?

Hi i want to know what can i do with the copy of updates.

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shouldn't the updater compare against the target local updates folder(300mb on D drive in this case) to download updates instead of comparing against the installed version?i can confirm that when using kaspersky updater utility & using the same 300mb local update folder as base for differential updates the final update was a mere 16mb to create a new updates folder of ~315mb.my question is if kaspersky's own updater utility can do this then why not kaspersky program.

Kaspersky is downloading all updates to the selected folder on first update, so the file size is normal.


Hi i want to know what can i do with the copy of updates.

You can update another computer with the some AV product from this folder.

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