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When I opened a folder with shortcuts, Kaspersky immediately deleted two of my shortcuts saying that they were infected with a Trojan. Since I didn't believe it was possible for shortcuts to be infected I decided I needed to see what programs they pointed to. I restored the links and checked the Properties. Both shortcuts pointed to Control Panel modules:


SB Audio Console

Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager


Both were supposedly infected with "exploit.win32.cve-2010-2568.gen".


These programs are part of my sound system, although they are probably not booted up when I start my computer. I tried to restore these links a number of times to investigate further but now Kaspersky kept deleting them. Eventually a large window came up that wanted to use a special way to disinfect one of these shortcuts (SB Audio Console) along with saying "Windows Explorer is trying to get access to malicious software" even though I had NOT clicked on the shortcut. I terminated the process, although report now says that it this file "will be processed after the computer reboot".


What I don't understand is that Kaspersky scans part of my computer every time I boot up and I would think these are unusual programs to have a Trojan. But maybe not. I've also done a complete scan, about a month ago. Why are these warnings showing up and are they valid?


Any advice or insight would be appreciated.




[update] Right after posting this, I did a complete scan of my "C:\WINDOWS" directory where, I assume, these programs would be found. There were no infections reported.



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Exploit.Win32.CVE-2012-2568.gen is really a false positive???

i found that trojan on my DNS Server and AD Server, how i remove that trojan?


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Welcome. Name of file detected as? Full path/location of file?


Please see the small print that is located at the bottom of this message.

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