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Confused by threat shown on my Spyware software

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I was running another spyware program (PC Tools Spyware) and got the following threat:


9/11/2011 6:09:17 PM:789 Infection cleaned

Threat Name - Threat.Info-Stealer.Mem

Type - Module

Risk Level - Medium

Infection - avp.exe (C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP11\Bases\Cache\klavemu.kdl.3fd70e7a52ad8da0a023b4258a6b7687)



It asks you to restart your computer to fix the issue. If you don't then you get a popup from Kaspersky saying that my license needs to be renewed. What I don't understand is that according my account I have 59 days left in my subscription. I thought they were the same? Do I have an issue with my license or there some kind of virus/malware on my computer :unsure:

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Hi hammerva


Could you run us a GSI log?


1. Click HERE to download the GetSystemInfo tool

2. Run getsysteminfo.exe, click run and next create report.

3. The log will be autouploaded and added to the clipboard with the default settings.

4. Now add the link from the clipboard to your post, use insert link and rightclick to add the link in the clipboard.



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Also its a false positive that has been reported to PC Tools Spyware Doctor

Just to update the quote above.....


This has been fixed by PC Tools and an update will be available later today and maybe already is by now.


You can see that in the last post in the link...


Hopefully that popup from Kaspersky saying that your license needs to be renewed will not happen now.





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