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I recently tried to download a Microsoft Excel Program and it would not load because I didn't have enough MB left.


I clicked onto My Computer and noticed there are 29 pgbleach files that take up at least 1G. I'm unable to transfer this information onto a CD because the files are too large.


I think the files were created when I closed down my computer after a bleaching process that stated it was complete. However, when closing down the computer I received an error message and had to shut down my computer manually. I dont think the files are important, I think they are the files I was bleaching but they didn't get remove. What I DON't know is should I delete them and send them to my recycle bin. I have done another bleach since then, but these files didn't go away. My compute is working, but very slowly.


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I have Symantec's Norton Utilities 15 installed on my laptop. This has a Bleach process. I have this particular drive partitioned into 3 logical drives. Over a two day period of using the Bleach process, I have 290 1GB pgbleach files. I want to thank the poster that stated to delete them manually. I did not see any of the other posters mention Norton Utilities 15, but that is the only bleach process I have so definitely believe it is the cause. When I ran the bleach process, I had no system failures, the process finished absolutely normally, so therefore I believe this is a Norton Utilities issue.

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