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If I uninstall Kaspersky AntiVirus 2011, will my subscription end?

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When I was installing the new version of KAV, the 2011, I didn't uninstall KAV 2010 correctly (I think). Now, I have KAV 2011, but the banner is red and when I click fix it now, it doesn't fix. I want to uninstall and reinstall it. I have my CD for KAV 2010 still. I want to know if I uninstall KAV 2011, will my subscription end? I was hoping I could install KAV 2010 again, and then correctly upgrade to KAV 2011...


Also, can you give me instructions on how to uninstall KAV 2011? (I have Windows 7) There are two options of uninstalling, and I dont know which one to click.


PLEASE HELP ME! I submitted a case to Kaspersky, but no response! Thank you veryyyy much!

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it tells you how to uninstall it, but i am a bit confused. when upgrading, i know u hav to:


download and save KAV 2011.


>>then uninstall KAV 2010...but which option do you choose, Complete uninstall OR Save application objects ? <<


and then after uninstalling the old version, you "run" the new one...rite?




and please help me with this question to, its all part of the same problem :(http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=182158

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Hi. To avoid possible problems, please disregard the link you posted and instead follow this one: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=67812



this isn't helping me! can you please tell me if uninstalling KAV 2011 will end my subscription? I dont want it to :(


I was gonna do a clean uninstall of it, and reinstall KAV 2010 with the CD and then upgrade to KAV 2011 the correctly. Last time, I didn't save it I clicked run instead. and basically its all messed up right now. KAV is not working. I got this error: 8000070. Some components arent working. Its on red banner.



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No, it won't end your subscription. It just won't be on your computer anymore. You can uninstall/reinstall, upgrade, etc. as often as you want through the end of your license period.


alrite thanks. It turned out i didnt need to uninstall it or anything. i went on kasperskys "live chat" and talked with an operator. they told me to "repair" it, which i did. and it worked. but just now, when i turned on my laptop, a Blue Screen came up. :/


I hope it doesn't come again. i dont know how to fix those :(


thanks everyone!

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