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Internet Security and PURE differences?

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In this chart: http://www.kaspersky.com/compare


PURE has three stars for everything.


KIS has two stars for Digital Identity Protection and for PC Security Tune-up and only one star for Home Network Security.



I really don't care about the extra tools in PURE, I'm using is purely for protection and security.




What are the real differences?


I've tried contacting support but, basically, they told me to ask someone else and ignored me since.




Please answer soon! My current (KIS) license ends in 10 days! Thanks!




Edit: oh yeah, I tried searching the forum, and had no luck (I found one thread, but it's old and it only said that PURE had the extra tools, which is now obviously not true). If you can show me to a thread explaining this, that would be just as good.

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IMHO I have been using KIS since April 2009 and never had any problems, of course I allways keep All my programs up to date and of course including Windows patches up to date (I have Win7 32bit).


If you are Just looking for Security and not the "Bells and Whistles" then as you say, there is not too much difference, exept:


1)Digital Identity Protection, as you pointed out: One extra Star for Pure and if you do a Lot of Banking or Internet purchases, maybe every bit counts, again, I do a fair amount of banking and KIS has a lot of features protecting you i.e. Safe Run, Banking feature, Virtual Keyboard...


2)Home Network Security: 2 extra stars for Pure: Again if you do a Lot of Home Networking via Wireless connections and a lot of your Stuff is extremely confidential or do a lot of banking via Wireless Networking, then Pure give these people more protection.


As a side note: My KIS license is still good for another 2 years, when my license is due, Pure will be 3 years old by then and more mature and maybe I will look into Pure, depending of course the Price difference between the two at that time.


Hope this helps


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In addition to what Ray indicates:


What are the real differences?
Pure has: KryptoStorage, Password Manager, Remote manage home network, Backup, shredder. Edited by richbuff

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I said security features only.




My question is what are the differences? How is PURE better than KIS at PC Security Tune-up? What features are missing in KIS?

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PURE is built on KIS 2010 architecture, so security wise it offers the same protection as KIS 2010.


The other replies just point out the extra features beyond that. :)

Pure has: KryptoStorage, Password Manager, Remote manage home network, Backup, shredder.

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