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Older Versions Of Kaspersky Internet Security

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Hi yesterday July 16th I thought I would call customer service at Kasp. to see if I could upgrade my Kasp. IS version 7 to version 9. I told them I made a configuration file, which allows me to then load my configuration into a newly installed version of IS 7. This would save me much time if I can do the same to version 8 or 9 IS. The Kasp. cs said no problem and yes you can import version 7 configuration file to version 8 or 9 IS. So I removed my version 7 and installed version 9. My configuration file does not load or import. I called the cs people back and told them it does not work. Their answer to me is yes you are correct it will not work. After playing with version 9, I have decided I like 7 much more and I would like to go back. However, I can't find my original executable for 7 @$&^*#@!. I called cs back asking where I can find a download for version 7 IS and they told me on the internet. Boy they are geniuses. I asked them if I were to post to members here to ask if users could share their original executables, They checked with their level II support people who told them thats fine.


So here's my question, which I believe many people would benefit from based on what I read on this forum;


Those of you that have OLDER versions of Kaspersky Internet Security versions 7 or 8, could you please show a link to where we can share the download? I am NOT asking for any activation codes or keys just the zipped file or executable.


Also, if you know of a trusted site that offers archived version of IS please post the links here.


*****I am aware of sites offering a free download, but I don't trust them.*******


I realize people can just paste a link to any website offering the download, but I am hoping their are others who understand my motivation and who honestly want to help others.

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kis 7 is unsupported since the beginning of this year so kaspersky is not offering it (and if something doesn't work with it, it's on a sucks for you basis: upgrade, keep it or try another program). version 8, you'll find on the kaspersky ftp, it's kis 2009: ftp://ftp.kaspersky.com/products/english/homeuser/kis2009/


also, you can't renew kis 7 anymore.


Thanks for your input. I wish when I call Kaspersky customer service I would receive proper support. I really never have. Although I appreciate being able to call them or email them freely it has not been very helpful. So being on my own is no problemo. I would still like to find version 7 prior to downloading version 8 since my configuration file is from 7 and it will not import to 8 anyway. However, I appreciate the link to version 8. May I ask why did they make or offer a way to save your configuration if it never worked to use after upgrading. Back when version 8 was offered the support people for Tier 1,2,3 stated that it would import. No fixes were ever offered. Lastly, I just renewed 7 yesterday. However, you may have a point I renewed it to upgrade to version 9, but they told me that all activation codes will have backward accessibility. Meaning this could be wrong info. also.

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That option is for upgrading within a product series eg builds of version 7.0, 2009, 2010 or 2011. almost nothing is the same in 7.0 & 2009 for example and thats why it's by far the best to start over from scratch.

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However, you may have a point I renewed it to upgrade to version 9, but they told me that all activation codes will have backward accessibility. Meaning this could be wrong info. also.


It is. the current codes will work with version 8 (2009 range) onwards. you can't use them with earlier releases as the format is completely different due to newer activation technologies involved.

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