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By when will we be able to reduce the scan priority?

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When I run a full scan my system goes >80% busy for >5 hours and is essentially unusable during that period.

I thus tried to reduce the scan prio but that isn't possible. I then searched this forum to find a solution but apparently that's by design and hence one can not change that.


By when will we finally see an option to reduce the scan prio? Not being able to do full system scans by design is a show stopper to me!


BTW: Norton AV has that option and while I hate other aspects of it, this might make me switch...



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Hello mmo18, I am assuming you are using either Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 or Internet Security 2010, if not then I'd recomend you download the latest product updates at http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/kis_latest_versions .


If you are looking to lower the impact virus scanning has on your system resources then there are some settings you can change. Please be aware however, changing the way the Virus scanner looks for threats on your computer can reduce the level of security provided and is not recomended for non-technical users. You have been warned.


Please follow the below instructions in order, and attempt a scan after each solution (each paragraph of instruction) to see if the chages have produced acceptable improvements to performance - You dont want to be making yourself less secure for no reason.



Ok so, double click the Kaspersky 'K' icon at the bottom right of the desktop to bring up the main application window. Look for 'Settings' at the top right of the window, click it. In the settings window, look for 'full scan' on the list to the left and click on it.

This will change the active area on the right of the settings window to the availible settings for a full scan.

Firstly I'd suggest trying to change the scan security slider from recomended to low, which will automatically change scan settings to better accomodate for lower spec. computers. If this fixes your problems then we are sailing happy, just dont forget to run a full scan on at least recomended security settings from time to time.


If scans are still taking a long time or using a lot of resources then we are going to have to go a little deeper. Select 'settings' right of the security slider on the full scan settings I talked about above. This should bring up a smaller window with three tabs.

Under the 'scope' tab tick the box 'skip files scanned longer than' and choose 180 seconds.

Click the 'additional' button near the bottom of the window to open up yet annother smaller window. Here, tick 'Do not unpack large compound files' - Please be aware; if you download torrents which are commonly packed in in large .rar files, you will have to scan these seperately as you have configured the full scan to skip them and save needing to unpack the file which uses alot of resources.

You can close the smaller 'compound files' window.


*IF* you are still experiencing trouble whilst scanning after changing the settings as explained above, do the following below.

Get back onto the full scan settings (from the main application window) Settings>Full Scan>Settings. The full scan window with 3 tabs should appear again. click on the 'additional' TAB. You should see the headings 'Scan methods' and 'Scan technologies'.

Under Scan methods, uncheck 'Heuristic Analysis'. This should again free up some system resources.


I would like to say once more that changing the scan settings will lower overall security and you do so at your own risk, and I would strongly suggest that you scan your computer using recomended scan settings from time to time to make sure the computer has been checked throughly for malicious files.



I hope this helps.



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Thanks for the detailed instructions.


I am (and already was) aware of the possibilities that you describe to reduce what is being scanned and how thoroughly. However, that wasn't quite what I had in mind. I don't want to change the what but the how! That is I am seeking a possibilty to lower the scan process' priority, so that it runs essentially in the background (i.e. the same that I am often doing with longer running processes by right-clicking on them in the TaskManager and selecting Set Priority => Low). They then run with lower process priority and hence with much less impact on the system's interactive responsiveness.


But when I do that with KAV 2010 then I get "Access denied". Is there a way to start or execute avp.exe with priority "Low"?



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